Tieresh Independence War

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Tiervan's war for independence
Norgsveltian soldiers.jpg
Norgsveltian soldiers defending the Varg's line
Date26 March 1972 - 9 November 1980
Tiervan, Dvalheim

Tieresh Victory

  • Collapse of the colonial territory of Langeyjr
  • Formation of Tiervan and Dvalheim
  • Decline of Norgsveltian colonialism
Flag norgsveldet.jpg Norgsveldet
Dvalheim flag.jpg Tieresh Loyalists
Tiervan flag.jpg Tieresh Nationalists
Flag of East Germany.svg East Cerdani
Commanders and leaders
Magrete I, Varg Drugson Ali Kariabei
Dvalheim flag.jpg 250,000
Flag norgsveldet.jpg 100,000
Tiervan flag.jpg 1,120,090
Casualties and losses
Dvalheim flag.jpg 80,000
Flag norgsveldet.jpg 20,000
Tiervan flag.jpg 410,000

The Tieresh Independence War, also know as the Tieresh Revolutionary War or as the War of Loyalty in Dvalheim. Which was a war fought between Norgsveldet and Tieresh nationalists in 1972 to 1980. With Tieresh Loyalists to Norgsveldet being organised into militias in 1974. The war ended with a costly victory to the Tieresh nationalists and led to the independence of Tiervan and Dvalheim. Though the nationalists failed at the goal of uniting the island fully, with Dvalheim still being loyal to Norgsveldet. Which is a continued reason of tension between the two independent nations.