North Concordian Economic Forum

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North Concordian Economic Forum

Flag of The NCEF
Political centersOsfjord
Largest cityMærdalen
Official languagesNorgsveltian, Ulvrikian, Vistarian, Solian, Zalian, Eyjarian, Tieresh, and Tretridian
TypeIntergovermental alliance
• Council President
Kåre Ny'andizn
LegislatureNCEF legislatures
North Concordian Council
North Concordian Parliament
• Founding
• 2022 estimate
GDP (nominal)2022 estimate
• Total
18,73 trillion SHD
• Per capita
32,764 SHD
SDI (2022).809
very high
CurrencyUnited Krone
Date formatvaries (MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY)
Driving sideright

NCEF or officaly the North Concordian Economic Forum is an economic and politcal union compromising 15 member states based around the North Concordian Ocean, in which it promotes intergovermental cooperation and faciliate economic, political, security, cultural and military integration between its members and other near by nations. NCEF primary goal is to ensure economic growth, stability and interdependecy between its members. Its secondary goal is promoting regional peace and the importance of protecting but also spreading of the region's culture on a global scale, often through sake of media. On of the ways is through the North Concordian Literature Festival and North Concordian Film Festival, the later often celebrated in Vakrestrender. In a way to safeguard the importance of North Concordian culture and spread it. Though often Ulvrikian in nature, in media and creating larger audience for North Concordian media. With an gdp estimated to be around 18,73 trillion and population of 714 million people, the organisation makes up large portion of the global market with a population and gdp higher than that of Great Morstaybishlia. With the United Krone being one of strongest and most used currencies in the world.

The President of the NCEF being voted on by a council of representives, that is chosen by the goverments of each member state. Though the president serving mostly as a speaker rather any true power. Current president of NCEF is Kåre Ny'andizn, Hvaloaszna's representive to the North Concordian Council. With Ny'andizn being the NCEF's first Akuanist President.

The organisation was a passion project created by the Norgsveltian prime minister at the time Magrete Kverheim, after the Pan-Ulvrikian goal of ensuring economic interdepencence between eachother and to lower dependence on South Hills market. The organisation has a common market which has exceded South Hills gdp. Organisation, though not officaly a military pact, many of its members work together on military matter thanks to several of its members also being part of the UCA. NCEF also works on cultural matters with Ulvrikian culture and Ulvriktru religion, mainly in activity of spreading it and safeguarding Ulvriktruars in which they are a minority. Though there been pushes to include Akuanism and Ademarism into these aspects though they taken as an afterthought compared to issues of Ulriktruars.

During the Meremaa Civil War, after Great Morstaybishlia putted on tarrifs on Norgsveldet as a result of them joining the Monarchist side, the NCEF responded on with putting on joint tarrifs on Great Morstaybishlia. Though there is certain pushes for further centralisation, to become more like the UNAC, offical pushes for it has yet have happened. The North Concordian Economic Forum was founded in 1989. Though the largest gdp in NCEF was Norgsveldet, with the additions of Vistaraland and Tretrid in 2020, Vistaraland is positioned to be likely to take over that spot in the near future. Norgsveldet remains the largest contributor to the North Concordian Bank which is still stationed in Osfjord.

The NCEF currently works closely with UCA as a result how much they overlap and has taken active opposition to Packilvania with the NCEF having placed sanctions on Packilvania as a result of its continued support to Rodenia, over the issue of Puntalia.

Member States

As of 2021, there are 16 member states. Of which are Norgsveldet, Atlae, Eyjaria, Kaldrbuth, Dvalheim, Meremaa, Tangrland, Vakrestrender, Helslandr, Pledonia, Nakosa, Vistaraland, Tretrid, Hvaloaszna, Maanbriak and Veria.