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The mainland of the continent of Gondwana. Some islands belonging to jurisdictions on Gondwana may not be pictured.

Gondwana is the continent on Urth located primarily in the southern half of the western hemisphere. The interior of the continent is primarily tropical rainforest, although almost every kind of climate occurs on Gondwana, with deserts in the north and west and tundra in the far south of the continent. A large mountain range, called the Danvreas Range in the Tavari language, runs roughly west-to-east, from the Gulf of Northwest Gondwana to the Draken Sea. The Strait of Khaj connects the Gulf of Northwest Gondwana to the larger Sea of Gondwana in the south. The western landmass of Gondwana, separated from the east by water, is known as Alaria and is sometimes called a sub-continent of Gondwana. Alaria is home to the Anabat Desert, a vast landscape of sands and mountains and one of the largest deserts on Urth.

The Orc, Feline and Aurian species evolved on, and are almost entirely resident in, Gondwana. There are also significant populations of humans, elves, and dwarves on the continent. Humans are known to have been present on Gondwana since prehistoric times, while the timeline of elven arrival on the continent is less certain. In addition to its native population, Gondwana has been colonized by outside powers in the past, including Asendavia, Great Morstaybishlia, Kuthernburg, Norgsveldet, Salovia, and Vistaraland.


Gondwana can be roughly separated into quadrants by the 15th parallel South (15°S) and the 100th meridian west (100°W).

Northwest Gondwana is home to the political and economic bloc of the Alliance of Northwest Gondwana. It has seen significant colonization from Asendavia, Morstaybishlia, and Salovia. Countries include:

Northeast Gondwana is predominately jungle and desert and is home to Vistari, Norgsveltian, and Morst colonies as well as the vast majority of the world's population of Aurians. Countries include:

Southeast Gondwana is the most diverse region of Gondwana in terms of climate, with continental, oceanic, and tundra areas. Countries include:

Southwest Gondwana is the most sparsely populated region of Gondwana and is home to most of the worlds Lutrynes. Countries include: