Rotantic Congress

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Rotantic Congress
  • Sarkavelklori Zhaltan (Asendavian)
  • Catsetra Iarutats (Vaaran)
Flag of
Members of the Rotantic Congress are in orange, observers are in blue. Note: Some members or territories may not be pictured.
Members of the Rotantic Congress are in orange, observers are in blue. Note: Some members or territories may not be pictured.
SecretariatDropdatderp, Mexregiona
Official languagesStaynish-Codexian
TypeIntergovernmental organization
Participating States
• Secretary-General
Sandor Janey
• Treaty of Rotantic Cooperation
22 April 2000

The Rotantic Congress (Asendavian: Sarkavelklori Zhaltan, Vaaran: Catsetra Iarutats) is an intergovernmental organization to bring together the various stakeholders in the global far north for cooperation and to discuss important concerns in the region of the Rotantic Ocean. Members of the organization must have territory in the Rotantic, which for the purposes of membership is defined as territory north of the 60th parallel of latitude north of the Aequator. Other states may be observers, which gives the right to be present and participate in all activities of the Rotantic Congress.

The Congress meets at least twice every year, with the location of meetings rotating between members. Plenary sessions typically consist of meetings of Ministers from participating governments who are responsible for Rotantic issues, such as Fisheries Ministers, Rotantic Affairs Ministers, Ministers of Public Lands, etc. Executive sessions consisting of the heads of government of the participating states can also be called. Three languages are used by the organization: Asendavian, Staynish-Codexian, and Vaaran.

The Congress was formed by the Treaty on Rotantic Cooperation signed at Dropdatderp, Mexregiona in 2000. Dropdatderp hosts the Rotantic Congress Secretariat, the main administrative body of the organization. The Secretary-General manages day-to-day business, while the Presidency of the Rotantic Congress rotates among member states for six-month terms.

The Congress conducts studies on the environmental conditions of the Rotantic as well as surveys of available natural resources and wildlife populations. It also serves as the primary body for participating countries to discuss issues regarding the Law of the Sea in Rotantic waters. Otherwise, it works to further interaction and cooperation among the participating countries.

Kyrloth Controversy

On 20 October 2019, Rotantic Congress member-state Kyrloth annexed the nation of Izria, also a member. In so doing, Kyrloth acquired a significant amount of territory in the high Rotantic, including many small islands and swathes of territorial waters. The move was condemned internationally, and some in the Rotantic Congress proposed suspending or even expelling Kyrloth from the organization. However, there were concerns that removing such a large Rotantic country from the organization could risk rogue behavior on the part of Kyrloth, and the Congress eventually decided not to expel Kyrloth. As a compromise, Izria was allowed to retain a voting seat as a member through its government-in-exile, based in Norgsveldet. The decision angered the Kyrlot administration, but the country decided to remain in the organization.

After the West Borean Federation succeeded both Kyrloth and Izria in 2021, both the Kyrlot and Izrian seats folded into that of the West Borean Federation, with the Federation deciding to keep King Mastriei of Izria as their ambassador to the Congress.