List of wars by death toll

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This list of wars by death toll includes all deaths that are either directly or indirectly caused by the war. These numbers usually include the deaths of military personnel which are the direct results of battle or other military wartime actions, as well as the wartime/war-related deaths of soldiers which are the results of war-induced epidemics, famines, atrocities, genocide, etc.

Modern wars with greater than 25,000 deaths by death toll

Generally considered after 1500 CE.

War Death
Date Combatants Location Notes
Kaltariezh Civil War 39,800+ 1497-1505 Staynes and Azenorites vs Kirusites Kaltariezh - Personal union between Staynes and Kaltariezh, later forming the Imperial Kingdom of Morstaybishlia in 1515
First Crusades 450,000-500,000 1930-1931 Iphelklori vs Central Arcturia Alliance Sokalan archipelago, South Eastern Arcturia - Defeat of Iphelklori, concessions paid to CAA members for 30 years
War of the Tretridian Succession 100,000+ 1650-1658 Supporters of Eadgyð I vs Supporters of Ælfheah III Tretrid - Start of the Tretridian Anarchy
Caven Wars 320,000+ 1698-1704 Kingdom of Morstaybishlia and Peregrinia vs Caven Empire Cereneria - Large loss of Caven Empire territories
Ulvriktruar Wars of Religion 300,000-600,000 1767-1810 Tretrid vs Norgsveldet Novaris/Concord -
First Draken War 64,800 - 104,500 1769-1772 Norgsveldet vs Vistaraland Gondwana and the Concordian Ocean - Start of the Vistari Years of Crisis
12 Years' War 416,000-556,800 1785-1797 Suvania vs Vistaraland Kromentrum - Vistari loss of Autern and Adelisia, start of the Suvani Golden Age
Second Draken War 256,700-360,500 1844-1851 Vistaraland vs Norgsveldet Gondwana and the Concordian Ocean - Norgsveltian loss of Chibilaba and end of elven slavery in Vistaraland
Great War 65,000,000-90,000,000 1904-1917 Imperial Powers vs Cerenerian Coalition Worldwide - Largest and deadliest war in history
War of Imperial Succession 3,900,000-4,400,000 1909-1926 Milbaists vs Aiserists vs Populists Vistaraland - Largest Civil War in history, with fighting on four continents
Cukish Revolution 50,000 1920 Democracy supporters backed by Norgsveldet and Alksearia against Great Morstaybishlia and Oligarchy supporters New Leganés - The Cooperative Commonwealth would turn into a democratic regime and most of the former leaders would be killed or imprisoned
Third Durakan-Dwarvern War 114,998+ 1930-1933 Durakia vs Dwarvern Tribes Durakia, Irnac - Saw the end of Martovist expansion in Irnac
Durakan Civil War 541,000 - 789,000 1934-1937 Liberty Front vs Martovist Durakia Durakia, Irnac - Saw the independance of Vakarastan and the establishment of the Miner's Republic of Durakia
Nagatoian Revolutionary War 120,000+ 1941-1950 West Nagato vs East Nagato Gondwana - Largest revolutionary war on Gondwana in the 20th century
Oscrelian Civil War 500,000-1,000,000 1942-1948 Republicans vs Thorntonists Oscrelia -
Toscanan-Emilian War 1,205,000 1960-1973 Toscani vs Third Fortunan Alliance Fortuna -
Auroran Imperial War 29,250,000+ 1970-1975 Bursil Accords vs Ribenstadt Pact Aurora - Aurora's deadliest war
Tieresh Independence War 620,000+ 1972-1980 Tieresh Nationalists vs Norgsveldet and Tieresh Loyalists Tiervan and Dvalheim - Contributed to the rise of Norgsveltian decolonisation
Great War of Fódlan 1,570,000+ 1980-1986 Fódlan Resistance Army, Faerghus Militia, & Leicester Militia vs Adrestian Empire Gondwana -
Lyrevale Civil War 76,500 - 85,000 1985-1986 North Lyrevale and Ethalria vs South Lyrevale Aurora -Resulted in the formation of United Lyrevale and the subsequent Lyrevale Continuation War
Lyrevale Continuation War 54,100 - 56,800 1986-1987 United Lyrevale vs Noroist Axdel Aurora -Resulted in the Lyrevalian and Axdelian act of federation 1987
Chibian Insurgency 79,000-98,000 1989-1993 Vistaraland & the KNF vs Chibian Revolutionaries Gondwana - Part of a much wider array of conflicts in North Gondwana
Meremaa Civil War 955,000+ 1990-1994 Monarchist Faction vs Republican Faction Gondwana - Part of a much wider array of conflicts in North Gondwana and contributed to continued to rivalry between Morstaybishlia and Norgsveldet
Salovian Civil War 7,300,000–8,400,000 1985-2005 Various Factions Salovia - Resulted in the dissolution of Salovia and the displacement of approximately 11 million Salovians. The deadliest civil war on Aurora, one of the deadliest in history.
Auroran-Cerenerian War 388,343+ 2017 Bursil Allies vs Ribenstadt Allies Aurora and the Cerenerian Ocean - Largest war on Aurora since the Auroran Imperial War
Rodenian Revolution 155,000-167,000 2018-2019 Santon Revolutionaries vs Rodenian Government Rodenia - Would contribute to the end of the decade long Rodenian economic crisis
Meagharian Civil War 7,500,500-15,000,000 1982-2019 Holy State of Milofia vs Meagharite Revolutionaries Meagharia - A 40 year struggle that would define Modern Meagharia. Also the Deadliest Civil War in history.
Banian Civil War 9,000,000+ 1939-1954 Various socialist paramilitary groups vs Nationalist government security forces Bana - Ended in stalemate and ceasefire, devastated Bana for generations
Northern Monarchist Revolt 44,700+ 1925-1926 Volkian federal government vs. Monarchist rebel groups Volkia Government victory, ended significant monarchist unrest in Volkia.
Third Tavari-Banian War 450,000+ 1645-1651 Kingdom of Tavaris vs Bana Tavaris, Bana, the Strait of Vaklori - Ended largely in status quo ante bellum
Fourth Tavari-Banian War 1,500,000-3,000,000 1670-1683 Kingdom of Tavaris vs Bana and August Empire of Ni-Rao Tavaris, Bana, northern Ni-Rao, the Strait of Vaklori - Tavari city of East Harbor destroyed. Established Tavari military supremacy over Bana and Ni-Rao, bankrupted Bana, Ni-Rao de facto cedes Emerald Coast (modern North Ni-Rao) to Tavaris
Helslandr Civil War 74,441-75,090 2021-ongoing Helslandr Nationalists vs Helslandr Royalists vs Helslandr Republicans Helslandr - Though officaly threeway civil war, it mostly been seen by experts as being fought between royalists and republican alliance vs nationalists

Modern wars with fewer than 25,000 deaths by death toll