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Area10,662,829.656 km2
CountriesAlbanares, Alksearia, Balistria, Rodenia, South Peragen, Lokania, Louzaria (MBE), Nevez Kaltariezh (MBE), Puntalia, Sokala, Vivancantadia, Tawuse, Phoenixia
LanguagesImpelanzan, Staynish, Nerovian Staynish, Kaltareg, Albanarian, Britanic,Araforsian

Arcturia is a continent, located on Urth, mainly occuping the southern central hemisphere areas of Urth but also a small part on the north hemisphere. It borders the South Concordian Ocean and the Concord continent to the northwest, Gondwana on the west Southern Ocean to the south, Packilvanian Ocean to the east, Arcturian Sea and the Yasterian continent to the northeast and East Concordian Ocean to the north. Arcturia is once a target of colonization by large empires such as Morstaybishlian Empire, Impelanzan Empire, Kormastazic Empire and other countries like Salovia and Norgsveldet. Arcturia is on a good geographical locations with varying climate and temperatures. It is also trade central with it's neighboring continents such as; Aurora, Gondwana, Yasteria and Concord.

Northern Arcturia

Northern Arcturia is the part of Arcturia that connects with Yasteria through Yasteria Minor and borders Concord by the northwest. It has some major influences from Norgsveldet and other influencial countries, contains most of Arcturia's islands. Countries Include:





-New Leganes




Central Arcturia

Central Arcturia is full of diverse culture and the extensions of the cultural sphere of both Impelanzan and Morstaybishlian Empire. Countries Include:



-Lau (limited recognition)


-Salim (limited recognition)


-Union of Free Cities

-Usvonid (limited recognition)


Southern Arcturia

Southern Arcturia is predominantly mountainous, full of rivers and vast former colonies of the Morstaybishlian Empire and the Impelanzan Empire. It's also the main central trade center of Arcturia. Countries include:



-Nevez Kaltariezh

-New Puntalia




-South Peragen