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The Noroist Republic of Axdel

Flag of Noroist Axdel
and largest city
Official languages
GovernmentSocialist State
• 1996 census
GDP (nominal)1994 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
CurrencyKirib ()
Date formatDD/MM/YYYY
Driving sidethe left
Today part ofAxdel

The Noroist Republic of Axdel was the first government system in Axdel from 1966 to 1996, built on the political and economic principles of Marxist-Noroist socialism. It gained de-facto independence from Great Morstaybishlia following a coup d'état in 1966 by Atsau Noros' Axdelian Peoples Liberation Party, which was backed by the regional parliament and the defence forces. Morstaybishlia launched a failed attempt to quash the breakaway state in a short war from [] - [], although it would not recognise its independence. Anticipating future conflict, the country entered into a war economy and rapidly expanded its military. Noroist Axdel joined the Ribenstadt pact and fought alongside them in the Auroran Imperial War. Its independence would become internationally accepted following the Weyrcliff Pact, however political instability would see Lyrevale secede. The country grew rapidly post-war thanks to aggressive rebuilding efforts, and liberalising reforms gradually allowed political diversity outside the ruling party. After reunifying with Lyrevale as a federation of two countries, a new wave of economic projects would sustain the nations growth - such as the national system of economic mainframe computers - however dissatisfaction amongst political parties and labour unions seeking better representation would grow explosively in the 90's. In 1994 after an attempt on Kiet Narvgas life left him in a coma, Admiral Huralo Yensi seized control of the nation, triggering a slow burning civil war against paramilitary unions and political parties. Yensi submitted to arrest in September 1996, resulted in the collapse of the nations administration and its replacement with a provisional government led by Itllarre Zurin, which itself handed power to the newly elected Axdelian federal government in 1997.



(In December 1917 Axdel became a dominion with a devolved legislature. In the years to come it would quickly become dominated by the big tent, soft pro-independence Kuesla Parliamentarian Party.)

(Simultaneously, Axdel was rife with radical left-wing opposition groups (Vanguardists, Syndicalists, Anarchists et al.), however at this point they were heavily cracked down upon and broadly disunited.)

(Independent socialist Valeria is disavowed by the Kuesla party)

(Eventually from the early 1950's many groups coalesce into the APLP, a broad Marxist group of vanguardists, syndicalists, anarchists and others, lead by Atsau Noros)

(From the late 1950's onwards, the APLP seek assistance from other socialists countries in planning for its eventual revolution. Particular success would be found with the Federation and some support would even be lent from the vehemently anti-communist Ethalria, which sensed an opportunity to weaken the MBE.)

1966 Coup d'état

(Whilst the MBE is otherwise engaged somewhere else, perhaps with Terghintia and Ethalria in the East, and a harsh winter closing in, the APLP takes the opportunity to launch its coup on May 17th 1966)

(Coup is extremely successful, with the ADF securing a significant amount of the Axdelian peninsula in several days. Areas not under control include most of the western seaboard beyond the Auric mountains and Emberwood where Morst navy presence in the area leads a decisive counterattack)

(Despite being taken by surprise, the MBE immediately sets about attempting to retake Axdel as quickly as possible, making the most of its manpower advantage before it can possibly mobilise its population)

(This war lasts a few weeks, months at most, as well placed defensive setups and Valerian Partisans bog down all attempts to launch a land invasion through the Molvian Corridor, and the navy is kept away from the coast by anti-ship missile attacks and air defences. With the situation in the East still requiring significant attention, a ceasefire is declared which would last until the AIW, cementing the battle lines as temporary borders. Although de-facto independent, Axdel is not recognised by the MBE)

A factory mass producing self propelled artillery in late 1968

(Determining that total war with the MBE would likely lead to a loss, Axdelian leadership enacts radical measures to redirect the economy of the country towards war production. R&D is especially invested in, with the aim of reducing the complexity of the army and replace antiquated defence force equipment. Some foreign designs are also imported or license built loaned from sympathetic partners.)

(Defensive lines are constructed and plans are drawn for operations against the MBE)

Auroran Imperial War

(Operation runner 1970: taking of west coast except independent Emberwood)

(Battle for naval and air supremacy in the west sea)

(Triple campaign 1972:

Operation Mountain: coastal raid and shelling of the west Staynish and Valerian coasts

Operation Tornado: massive two pronged land and amphibious assault of west Staynes and Valeria)

(Over the next year or so MBE forces an Axdelian retreat, at least from the north side)


Reunification with Lyrevale

Lyrevale Civil War
Lyrevale Continuation War

Yensi Regime and collapse