War of Imperial Succession

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War of Imperial Sucession
Part of Great War
Date1909 - 1926

Joint Molebaaist-Matthist Victory

  • Abdication of Dirick V
  • Tyrene I assumes the See of Supremacy
  • Formation of the Imperial Advisory Council
  • End of the Norgsveltian Occupation of Vorpset
  • Great Imperial Reforms passed, transforming Vistaraland into a semi-constitutional monarchy
  • Division of the Duchy of Middenwoud
  • End of the Personal Union of Noorvistia
  • Reintegration of remaining Vistari Colonies into the Empire

Separatist Victory in Durdanini and Minor Separatist Victory in Poberhaven-Kamport

  • Independence of Durdanini
  • Increased Autonomy granted to Poberhaven and Kamport
  • Congress of Utopiya prohibits armed conflict in Zapoleraya

Arms of Molebaai:
House of Molebaai

  • Molebaai
  • Oeverland
  • Koersland

House of Haasbaai

  • Zijrivierland
  • Eindrivier

House of Regensburg

  • Zuidbaai
  • Gerrtsveld

Ademarist Vrijkorps
Anti-Dirickist Rebels
Midonian Liberation Army (from 1921)
Verteken Free State (from 1925)

Loyalists: (from 1910)
Vistari Colonial Government

  • United Dominions of Valerijk
  • Vistari North Gondwana
  • Vistari West Pacific
  • Duominzu Protectorate
  • Satō
  • Vistari Central Gondwana
  • Vistari Durdanini (Until 1920)
  • Vistari East Gondwana
  • Poberhaven-Kamport
  • Vlas Isles (from 1911)
Salovian Militia of K'undzeti

Pro-Government Forces:
Vistari Oppermacht[n 1]

  • Archduchy of Verteken (until 1925)

House of Sereena

  • Oostereen
  • Tarwebroeke
  • Middenwoud
  • Tulpveld (until 1924)

Noorvista (until 1924)
West Salisar Governate
Vlas Isles (until 1911)
Vorpest (until 1910) Support:

 Norgsveldet (until 1925)

  • Occupied Vorpest


  • Vistari Republican Front
  • Neo-Swingers
  • Republican Populists

Peasant Revolutionaries

  • Leger van Boeren


  • Revolutionary Worker Front
  • Progressive Left
  • Radicals


Free Chibian Republic (Until 1920)
Valerosa State (Until 1911)
Rook Republic (1910)
Zetian People's Army (1911-1913)
Uruduland Free Territory (1912-1914)
Kayrentia (1913)
Durdanini (1913-1920)
Zapolese Progressives (from 1917)

Matthists: (from 1924)
Matthias' Rebellion

  • Tulpveld
  • Noordkruispunt (from 1925)
  • Vleesmeer (from 1925)
  • Kuiperseiland (from 1925)

Northern Militia
Anti-Dirickist Rebels
Occupied Vorpest (from 1925) Support:

 Norgsveldet (from 1925)
Commanders and leaders

Tyrene van Molebaai
Hector van Haasbaai
Karl van Regensburg
Arend van Tusi
Willem van Tusi
Pieter Janssen
Daan Graft

Thijs Brokke
Pieter Hoen
Carel Lovink
Karasachi Eiji Elaut van de Bijl (POW)
Ioseb Samkharadze
Stijn I  
Dirick V
Matthias van Tulpveld[n 2]
Tilmar van Nyvera
Hendrik LinhartSurrendered

Karl Smit  
Eva Becker
Luuk Harring (POW)

(put them here please meagh)

Matthias van Tulpveld[n 3]
Mikiel Cassar


  1. As the Ducal Federation of Vistaraland between 1909 and 1924, before being reorganized under Dirick V
  2. 1909-1924
  3. from 1924