Meremaa Civil War

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Meremaa Civil War
Part of North Gondwanan Conflicts
Meremaa Civil War.jpg
Norgsveltian tanks supporting the monarchist faction (1993)
Date1st May 1990 - 23rd October 1994

Monarchist Victory

  • Morstaybishlian withdrawel of influnce in Meremaa
  • Meremaa joining the NCEF
  • Execution of republican leaders
  • Meremaa Crisis in Durakia, leading to the end of Communist Party rule.

Meremaa.png Monarchist Meremaa
Flag norgsveldet.jpg Norgsveldet
Tangrlandflag.png Tangrland
Flag of Kaldrbuth.png Kaldrbuth

Dvalheim flag.jpg Dvalheim
Monarchist Atlae.png Atlalandr
New Leganes flag.png New Leganes
Eyjariaflag.png Eyjaria
Asendavia Flag 1.jpeg Asendavia

Republican Meremaa.jpg Republican Meremaa
New MBE Flag.png Great Morstaybishlia
Durakia Flag.png Durakia
Tiervan flag.jpg Tiervan

Flag of East Germany.svg East Cerdani
Commanders and leaders
Meremaa.png Telvi II
Flag norgsveldet.jpg Magrete Kverheim
Flag norgsveldet.jpg Harald III
Flag of Kaldrbuth.png Astrid X
Republican Meremaa.jpg Tyr Vaines
Durakia Flag.png Alexi Bertov
DVM Flag.png Talin Andrev
New MBE Flag.png Robert Delari
New MBE Flag.png Rupert Sinkasa
Meremaa.png 556,790
Flag norgsveldet.jpg 210,000
Tangrlandflag.png 114,000
Flag of Kaldrbuth.png 15,000
Republican Meremaa.jpg 699,000
New MBE Flag.png 235,300
Durakia Flag.png 68,000
Tiervan flag.jpg 5,000
Casualties and losses
Meremaa.png 310,898
Flag norgsveldet.jpg 53,657
Tangrlandflag.png 27,894
Flag of Kaldrbuth.png 1,263
Republican Meremaa.jpg 496,489
New MBE Flag.png 75,839
Durakia Flag.png 28,565
Tiervan flag.jpg 1,000

The Meremaa Civil War was a conflict that was a part of a series of conflict and unrest in North Gondwana during the 1980s and 1990s, ranging from conventional warfare, civil war and insurgence. The Meremaa Civil War was a 4 year conflict in the country of Meremaa between the monarchist government and the republican rebels; the official name of the monarchist faction being the United Duchy of Meremaa and the official republican faction being the Republican Forces of Meremaa. The conflict began after a series of labour strikes and political instability in Meremaa, with the government's brutal usage of the army to put down the strikes starting the civil war. Armed rebels took over the region of Morzk on 29 April 1990 and Tyr Vaines declared the formation of the Republican Forces of Meremaa being set as the official start of the civil war. With the Morstaybishlian Government having already viewed the Grand Duke Telvi II as illegitimate, they condemned Meremaa's goverment attempt to join the NCEF. On 22 May 1990 Morstaybishlian Prime Minister Robert Delari officially declared his support to the republican faction. A day after, the Norgsveltian prime minister convinced King Harald III to support the Meremain Goverment, condemning Morstaybishlian involvement as an "imperialistic and tactical attempt to weaken Norgsveldet", the naval bombardment of the island of Dalmaghar followed, seeing Morstaybishlia's first Augustine-class supercarrier MBS Augustine damaged. As the Civil War went on both factions and allies tried to gain more foreign support, with the republican faction gaining support from across left wing circles and international socialist brigades being formed to help the republican faction. Famous one being the red phoenix brigade, Tieresh volunters that fought under Durakian officers when forming the international socialist brigades. The government gained support from many UCA nations but also foreign conservative monarchist ones, like that of Asendavia. The war is a prime example of continued Norgsveltian-Morstaybishlian rivalries in the region.

Battle of Dalmaghar

The Battle of Dalmaghar was a naval and air engagement over Dalmaghar between Great Morstaybishlia and Norgsveldet that lasted from 12 June 1991 to 16 June 1991. Norgsveldet began by launching air attacks on military targets protecting Dalmaghar. Walter Johannes famously fought in this battle with his Krest Tornado.