Helslandr Civil War

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Helslandr Civil War
Building that was shelled at very start of the war
Date26th January 2021 - 21st February 2022
Result UCA military intervention in Helslandr (2022)
Monarchists.jpg Republicans.jpg The United Front
Flag norgsveldet.jpg Norgsveldet
Eyjariaflag.png Eyjaria
Ironfrontlogo.png Helslandr Nationalists
Nystatiszna flag.png Nystatiszna (alleged)
Commanders and leaders
Monarchists.jpg Ylva Kattdalen
Republicans.jpg Erik Espen
Ironfrontlogo.png Tirlid Kvirkdelen
Monarchists.jpg Republicans.jpg 180,890
Ironfrontlogo.png 410,011
Casualties and losses
Monarchists.jpg Republicans.jpg 90,091-120,001 Killed, 78,012-91,341 wounded Ironfrontlogo.png 95,000-110,000 killed, 85,612-105,891 wounded

The Helslandr Civil War is a conflict that started in 26th January 2021 as the aftermath of the assassination of Lord Commander Telve Kvirkdelen in 16th January 2021. After a failed attempt of creating a Provisional Government to help to process Princess Astrid as the successor of Telve Kvirkdelen, factions along ideological lines rose up to take control. With Nationalists under Telve's brother, Tirlid Kvirkdelen, staged several of terrorists attacks across the country including a terrorist attack on the capital city, Jötungrad, in the 22nd January. In which he announced his ambitions for a "Nationalist Revolution" across Helslandr. During which many nekomimi communities was targeted during it. Three factions being Royalists, Republicans and Nationalists. Before the cease fire agreement of 31st July 2021 between Royalists and Republicans, and the establishment of the United Front of Helslandr in the 10th August, the Civil War can be divided into three main factions.

The Royalists offical name being New Kingdom of Helslandr (NKH) led by Major General Ylva Kattdalen with a coalition of monarchist officers, which can be divided between absloutist militias and constiutionalists militias. NKH wants to establish a constitutional monarchy in Helslandr, with Princess Astrid as monarch, under the principles of Royalistic Populism. In which they promises species equality and centralised goverment. They supported nominaly by NCEF members, with Norgsveldet and Eyjaria sending air and ground support to the group. They claim themselves as the true successor goverment of Helslandr claiming that with Princess Astrid being chosen as successor to Telve Kvirkdelen that she has right to rule.

The Republicans offical name being Republican Forces of Helslandr(RFH) led by Admiral Erik Espen and his Republican Guard, a republican militia. With a coalition of liberal, social democratic and conservative republican politicans supporting him. The RFH follows the principle of Vestravan Republicanism a politican ideology that was formed during the time of Frilandr. RFH wants to form a federal liberal republic in Helslandr, basing themselves on political system of the Grand Republic of Frilandr, which they see as the most ideal form of goverment for Helslandr. They question the legitmacy of Princess Astrid as a successor for Telve Kvirkdelen. With little foreign support, and with recent losses to the nationalists they considered the weakest out of the three.

The Nationalists offical name being National Revolutionary Republic of Helslandr(NRRH) led by Tirlid Kvirkdelen and his Iron Front. With several Hirdist militia being formed supporting him. The NRRH is perhaps the most controversial out of the three factions with it following the principle of National Revolutionarism a political ideology coined by Tirlid. After the principle of National Revolutionarism, NRRH seeks to form a nationalistic revolutionary republic in which they seek to "cleanse" all of Helslandr in which they include Pledonia and Nakosa to be apart of. NRRH has been accused for crimes against sapiant kind and to have done genocide towards its nekomimi communities. They claim themselves as the legitmate successor of Helslandr, by arguing leadership belongs to Tirlid Kvirkdelen because of him being brother of Telve Kvirkdelen. In which they accuse Ylva Kattdalen to having seduced Telve, as the reason why Tirlid was not chosen as his successor. The NRRH has become populare among elven supremacist circles in Borea, which allegly including gaining support from Nystatiszna and Hirdist circles within Blaskog.

However, after the declaration of the United Front of Helslandr (UFH) on the 10th of August both the Royalist and Republican forces formed an anti-nationalist alliance in which both Ylva Kattdalen and Erik Espen announced the two of them shall work together to defeat the nationalists and capture the nationalist leader, Tirlid Kvirkdelen. With plans on establishing a powersharing agreement to form an provisional goverment, though despite the agreement it took few weeks until troops from the two sides stopped firing at eachother. The UFH was avaible to gain back ground lost to the NRRH in September and October, but was then quickly became a stalemate by November, in which the UFH quickly gained control of huge majority of the country's coast while the nationalists gained most of the innland. With the nationalists only having a control of one major coastal city, which became their headquaters, Varghallen. However, as the result of the Nationalist lead terrorist attack at the town of Litengrunn, in Pledonia, which happened at the 10th of December. The UCA announced the UCA military intervention in Helslandr (2022).

At the 21st January 2022, Royalist and Republicans officalised the creation of provinsional goverment, called the Federal Kingdoms of Helslandr (FKH) after weeks of discussion. In which it was agreed the new monarch, which is yet to be corronated, shall be completly powerless according to the new constitution.

Back ground

Time Line

Preceding tensions

Terrorist Attacks in Jötungrad

Splitting of the army

Wirlik Conflict

Early Stages of the War (January-April 2021)

International volunteers

Stalemate (May-July 2021)

NRRH incursions into Pledonia.

Suspicion of NRRH war crimes

IF calls for ceasefire

Accusation of speciecide

Cease Fire meeting (31st July)

At 11:00, 31st July 2021, leaders of the three factions agreed to meet in the city of Wirlik to discuss a ceasefire which was observed by the IF closely with representives from several countries. During which the royalist and republican forces stated their wishes for ceasefire between their two factions, but both refused first hand to agree on a ceasefire with the nationalists. With the leaders Ylva Kattdalen and Erik Espen accused the nationalist leader Tirlid Kvirkdelen for ordering his soldiers to do mass murders and mass rapes of nekomimi minorities within nationalist controled territory. In which he denied outright and claimed that the actions of any of his men, are simple indiviual incidents. Though when asked to allow IF investigation into nationalist controled territory, he rejected the idea, claiming the IF to not being avaible to do their duties as an impartial body. When pictures captured by NCIS spy plane, in which showed the scale of mass murders, which been described as an attempt to do a full genocide of nekomimi communities was shown. Tirlid Kvirkdelen once more rejected the idea that it was an order from him, and blamed it on nature of war itself. In which afterwards he made a comment comparing nekomimis to be more animal then sapiant creatures.

He was then given an ultimatium by the republicans and royalist leaders that the security of the nekomimi communities must be ensured for a cease fire to be agreed upon. In which he once more rejected. After the meeting offical IF condemnations and sanctions was placed on the nationalist leader. Aftermath of the meeting, had many nations urging royalists and republicans forming a united front to fight the nationalists to stabilise Helslandr once more.

United Front forms (10th August)


UFH pushing back the NRRH (September-October 2021)

Second Stalemate (November-December 2021)

The Terrorist Attack Liten Grunn (10th December)

UCA Intervention

UCA troops enter NRRH territory (January 2022)

Victory and compromise