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State of Helslandr

Flag of Helslandr
Motto: "Alt for velferd og orden!" (Everything for welfare and order!)
Anthem: "Med en rifle i vært en hånd" (With a rifle in every hand)
Largest cityFengrild
Official languagesNorgsveltian and Eyjarian
Ethnic groups
(2019 Estimate)
49% Human
35% Elves
10% Dwarves
6% Nekomimi
Military Dictatorship
• Lord Commander
Telve Kvirkdelen
• Region Commander
Tirlid Kvirkdelen
• Region General
Ylva Kattdalen
• Annexed into first Norgsveltian Empire
• Independence and delecration of Grand Republic of Frilandr
• Democratic Socialist revolution
• Communist Dictatorship
• Civil War, fall of Frilandr and declaration of Socialist Republic of Helslandr
• Anti Communist Military Coup with Norgsveltian backing
• Collapse into Civil War
22nd January 2021
• Total
415,742 km2 (160,519 sq mi)
• 2025 estimate
• 2020 census
• Density
34.87/km2 (90.3/sq mi)
GDP (nominal)2016 estimate
• Total
$346,53 billion
• Per capita
CurrencyUnited Krone (UKR)
Date formatDD/MM/YYYY
Driving sideright

The State of Helslandr or more simply known as Helslandr is was federal, military dictatorship sovereign state in North West Yasteria. Helslandr is neighbors of Eyjaria in the west, Yeongrang in the south, Pledonia in the north and Nakosa in the east. Until its collapse into the Helslandr Civil War after the death of Telve Kvirkdelen, in 2021.

Helslandr was an military dictatorship lead through an chain of command federal system. Which the nation was lead by the Lord Commander Telve Kvirkdelen, ever since the military coup of 1965. The sucessor for Telve was chosen to be Princess Astrid right before he was assasinated. The capital city is Jötungrad, the nation’s third largest city, with an population of 1,2 million. The city also served as the capital of the former nation of the Grand Republic of Frilandr. Helslandr often seen as the main state of Frilandr, with it having tried to reform Frilandr during several points in history after Frilandr disolved in 1947. With Helslandr trying to keep the federation alive in the 1940s after Pledonia and Nakosa declared their independence. The 1960s the Communist goverment of Helslandr again tried to reform Frilandr, with it supporting communist groups in its neighbors. However after border conflicts with Eyjaria in the west, Norgsveldet intervened and with help of a small group of reactionary military generals couped the communist goverment. With a increased movement of pan-Vestrava nationalism in Pledonia and Helslandr, the idea of an unified Vestrava was proposed by Telve Kvirkdelen to the Kommandertinget but was rejected by the assembly. With the monarchist officers in the assembly being the loudest critics.