Ethal-Salovi War of 1966-1967

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Ethal-Salovi War of 1966-1967

Salovian forces fire with mortar on Ethalrian military positions
Date26 November 1966 - 6 March 1967
(3 months, 8 days)
Lowurt region

Salovian victory

  • Peace agreement signed on 6 March 1967
  • Salovia maintains territorial gains of approximately 12 miles squared
  • Lowurt Military Line of 1967 established
Salovia Ethalrian Empire
Commanders and leaders
Kurasin Sokolo Deloria XV
Casualties and losses
Salovia claims:
5,984 killed
~12,500 wounded
Ethalria claims:
5,100 killed
8,785 wounded

The Ethal-Salovi War of 1966-1967, sometimes called the Lowurt War, was fought between Salovia and the Ethalria from 1966 to 1977. Salovia precipitated the war less than a month after the 1966 Salovian federal election by sending a force of troops into the Lowurt region.

The towns of Adaberg and Litwenz were captured, and Salovian forces destroyed the only bridge crossing the Lenevi River into Ethalria, the Khalfbrücke. Ethalria responded with air strikes on military and supply line targets and send an invasion force of seven thousand troops to reclaim land. Direct conflict between the forces ensued, Ethalria later ambushed the Salovian rear and captured five thousand POWs. More Salovian forces engaged with the Ethalrians as they evacuated the civilians across into Ethalria; this engagement lasted from December through till mid February where the fronts solidified. Morstaybishlia held peace talks in Sani Bursil on 6 March 1967 which established a new military controlled border which did not constitute a legally recognised international boundary, but served as the de facto border.

During the Auroran Imperial War, Salovia invaded and claimed the Lowurt region, removing the need for the Lowurt Military Line postwar as the border had shifted to the Lenevi River.