2020-2021 Thalria-Tuvaltastan border skirmishes

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2020-2021 Thalria-Tuvaltastan border skirmishes
Date22 November 2020 - present
Marasaur ridge
Status Ongoing
Thalria Tuvaltastan
Commanders and leaders
Lenski Sarinn Alyona Petrovavich
Casualties and losses
157 122

The 2020-2021 Thalria-Tuvaltastan border skirmishes, also known as the Marasaur ridge conflict is an ongoing, unresolved border skirmish between Thalrian and Tuvalt forces along the Marasaur ridge.

The skirmish began at 10:19 on 22 November 2020 on the ridge when Thalrian forces returned a captured Tuvalt soldier who had died, though the means of his death are unclear. A Tuvalt soldier fired upon the Thalrians, and then crossfire between the two camps ensued. Within half an hour, Tuvalt forces withdrew from their encampment down the side of the ridge.

Other skirmishes began by a Tuvaltastan offensive occurred in December and January. A ceasefire existed between 29 January until its designated end on 29 April 2021; after officials failed to conclude peace talks.