Toscanan-Emilian War

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Toscanan-Emilian War
Toscanan Offensive.jpg
Toscanan forces advancing along the Emili's southern coastline (1962)
Date1st January 1960 - 12th May 1973
Fortunan Archipelago

Allied states victory

  • Collapse of the People's Republic of Toscani
  • Allied states take control of the entire archipelago
  • Creation of the State of Toscani
  • Creation of the Fortunan Confederation
  • Hundreds of thousands of civilians killed or displaced
  • Genocide of certain political, species, ethnic, and religious groups, most being Toscanan
  • Collapse of socialist and communist movements on the archipelago
  • The rise of Fortunan fascism

Socialist Toscani Flag.svg People's Republic of Toscani

Paxflag.png Packilvania
Sorentavia Flag.png Sorentavia

Emili Flag.svg Principality of Emili
Ancona Flag.svg Principality of Ancona

Commanders and leaders
Socialist Toscani Flag.svg Morena Innocenti
(Head Secretary of Toscani)
Socialist Toscani Flag.svg Sigismondo Tiraboschi
(Prime Minister of Toscani)
Socialist Toscani Flag.svg Giorgio Abbadelli
(Defense Minister of Toscani)
Emili Flag.svg Aristeo II
(Prince of Emili)
Emili Flag.svg Silvana Acciaio
(Prime Minister of Emili)
Emili Flag.svg Emiliano Micheli
(Defense Minister of Emili)
Ancona Flag.svg Prudenzio V
(Prince of Ancona)
Ancona Flag.svg Lino Brunetti
(Prime Minister of Ancona)
Ancona Flag.svg Palmiro De Campo
(Defense Minister of Ancona)
Socialist Toscani Flag.svg 160,000 troops Emili Flag.svg 175,000 troops
Ancona Flag.svg 80,000 troops
Casualties and losses
Socialist Toscani Flag.svg 100,000 soldiers
Socialist Toscani Flag.svg 650,000 civilians
Emili Flag.svg 60,000 soldiers
Emili Flag.svg 350,000 civilians
Ancona Flag.svg 15,000 soldiers
Ancona Flag.svg 30,000 civilians

The Toscanan-Emilian War, or officially known in Fortuna as the War Against Foreign Aggression, was an armed conflict primarily between the People's Republic of Toscani and the Principality of Emili.