People's Republic of Toscani

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People's Republic of Toscani

Repubblica Popolare Toscani
Flag of Toscani
Flag of Toscani
The People's Republic of Toscani from 1925 to 1973.
Head Secretary and President 
• 1925-1937 (first)
Delfino Pane
• 1959–1973 (last)
Morena Innocenti
LegislatureState Assembly
192530,713.30 km2 (11,858.47 sq mi)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Principality of Toscani
State of Toscani
Today part of Fortuna

The People's Republic of Toscani, or simply Toscani, was a state in Eastern Yasteria located in the Fortunan Archipelago.