Ethal-Zetian War

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Ethal-Zetian War
Part of the Great War

Ethal "Invasion" of a beach near Arendstad, K'undzeti (2017)
Date19th October 1910 - 1st December 2020
K'undzeti, Aurora
Result Status quo ante bellum

Ethaln League

Vistari West Cerenerian Dominions
Commanders and leaders
Deloria XIV
Raisa Ottitari
Clauzia Sarohart
Harelda Jarmisch
Jane Augusta
Ositha Boracova
Carel Lovink
Marium I
Levan Dekker
Casualties and losses
None None

The Ethal-Zetian War, also known as the Ninety Years' War, was a state of bloodless war between various Ethalrian States and the Vistari West Cerenerian Dominions of K'undzeti and the Peper Isles.