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The Vekaiyun Communist Party, as the name might suggest, is a political party that attempts to influence the Vekaiyun government by supporting communist policies and ideals. The party, which is among the original six political parties in Vekaiyu, was formed shortly after the Progressive Party announced its formation after the 2010 Vekaiyun Civil War. Following the war, Premier Ikrisia Levinile announced the formation of a Vekaiyun legislature, the Kivreskov, and legalized the formation of political parties.

The Vekaiyun Communist Party appealed to many Vekaiyuns in the western half of the country where industry is concentrated, though the party did win a seat in the Ileskari and two seats in the Ropke from Skendia in the 2011 elections. In total, they won 3 seats in the Ileskari and 19 in the Ropke. The party has not wavered in its goals, but has taken a hit in popularity since going to war with Listonia in 2012, which sowed seeds for general distrust in communist governments similar to the one which couped Stapen Evesuni.


The Vekaiyun Communist Party has many goals, but some of the more important ones are as follows:

  • An end to private property - the Vekaiyun state has grown too capitalistic over the years, which is due in part to greed perpetuated by an increase in private property ownership
  • Income equality for each job position - for members of this party, they believe there should be zero difference in pay between, for example, an entry-level chemist in Skendia and a 20-year chemist in Eldura. All jobs should pay the same.
  • Removal of the upper and lower classes - there should be equality among the classes as well, meaning no one person should be better off than another. Exactly how they plan to accomplish this goal remains in debate.
  • Loyalty to the Vekaiyun State - Negativity among the Vekaiyun citizens only serves to decrease morale and slow the progress of the state.
  • Treating Listonia as an Equal - Listonia has come a long way and demands our respect. The state could once again become a communist model in the nation if intervention of certain political entities kept out of their affairs.

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