Vekaiyun Equality Party

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Flag of the Vekaiyun Equality Party.

The Vekaiyun Equality Party is a political party in Vekaiyu that puts equality of all species at the forefront of its goals. The party formed in early 2011, and won 2 seats in the Ileskari and 21 seats in the Ropke. The party has endured limited representation, but still remains a force in the Kivreskov.

The Equality Party initially had one goal, but its goals have expanded over time. It was last political party to form in time for the first Kivreskov elections, but it still managed to win a few seats. Today it is seen as somewhere between the Democratic and Progressive party, and struggles for an identity outside of that. In addition, it has been weakened by fights with the Meritocratic Party.


The Vekaiyun Equality Party has many goals, but some of the more important ones are as follows:

  • Equality among all species - While less of a problem with Ikrisia Levinile's reign, the party still believes that there is inequality in the way individuals are treated in Vekaiyu.
  • A more defensive army - The Vekaiyun Armed Forces should be more focused on defense rather than waging war with other nations, for those nations deserve the right to self-governance as much as Vekaiyu does.
  • Removal of Vekaiyun intervention in Listonia - Vekaiyu has enough problems at home that it should not expel effort in fixing Listonia.
  • Equality among the votes - No stipulation should be given (other than age) that would restrict Vekaiyun voter numbers. All citizens should vote, no exception.

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