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Flag of the Vekaiyun Democratic Party.

The Vekaiyun Democratic Party is a political party in Vekaiyu that generally stands for the total democratization of the Vekaiyun government. The party formed in late 2010, and won 11 seats in the Ileskari and 55 seats in the Ropke, making it the second most represented party in the government, second only to the Progressive Party.

The Democratic Party initially began as a close alternative to the Progressive Party, but policy changes, political events, and time have shifted the party's ideologies. Today, they more closely ally with the Equality Party, and will sometimes caucus together in the hopes of defeating a Progressive bill. It remains unclear as to how strong the party will perform in the 2015 elections, however, especially with the strong blow to the party's level-headed policies when Vekaiyu annexed South Dveria. The party had been the most vocal anti-war group, and rode their popularity after the headache-inducing 2012 Listonian War.


The Vekaiyun Demoractic Party has many goals, but some of the more important ones are as follows:

  • Elections for all leading governmental officials - The party has been the strongest voice in holding elections for the Premier of Vekaiyu. They are careful to package this as pro-democratic and not anti-Levinile.
  • Limited foreign troop presence - Far too many Vekaiyuns have died on foreign soil. Furthermore, the more Vekaiyu becomes involved in the affairs of others, the more others will become involved in Vekaiyun affairs.
  • Capitalism replaces Market Socialism - De-regulation of the government is needed in order to increase the strength of the Vekaiyun Veskono. The courts should determine fairness in private enterprise.
  • Education of cultures around Vekaiyu - English must be pushed for Vekaiyu to better synergize with the world around it. In addition, Vekaiyuns must learn other cultures in order to forge stronger international interactions.

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