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The Ileveri
Upper Chamber of the Kivreskov

Ileskari Representation
Founded February 18th, 2011
Meeting Location The Ileveri in Vekaiyun Peoples' Hall
Members 87 representatives
Speaker Vinsent Uyaskovi
(Progressive, Provinsk)
Last Elections August 19th, 2016

The Ileskari is the upper chamber in Vekaiyu's legislature, the Kivreskov. A representative in the Ileskari is called an Ileskarian. Each of Vekaiyu's 29 provinces are allotted three Ileskarians, which gives the body 87 members. This was established in order to provide balance in the Vekaiyun legislature independent of population ratios.

A bill or a proposal originates in the Ropke. Once a 2/3 majority in affirmation has been established in the Ropke, the bill moves to the Ileskari, where a 2/3 majority (58 members voting in affirmation) must be reached. If the bill fails, it returns to the Ropke, where remedied and re-submitted to the Ileskari. If the bill fails to reach 58 affirmative votes, the bill fails.

Declarations of war and approval of treaties require a simple majority (47 Ileskarians) for passage. Votes on declarations of war may be held privately, and traditionally have had an expedited process in order to assist the large Vekaiyun Armed Forces.

Ileskarians have five-year terms. The last elections were delayed six months as per a petition by the newly-formed Vekaiyun Conservative Party. Next elections are scheduled for August 19th, 2021.

Political Parties

Party representation in the Ileskari

No political party holds super majority in the Ileskari (59 Ileskarians needed for super majority), but the Vekaiyun Progressive Party holds an absolute majority. This represents a dramatic shift in the chamber prior to the 2016 elections, in which the Progressive Party enjoyed a super an absolute majority. The official spread of the party representation in the Ileskari is as follows:

Political Party Seats (2016) Seats (2011) Net Gain / Loss
Progressive Party 47 60 -13
Conservative Party 18 0 +18
Democratic Party 10 11 -1
Meritocratic Party 9 10 -1
Communist Party 2 3 -1
Equality Party 1 2 -1
Totalitarian Party 0 1 -1
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