Vekaiyun Meritocratic Party

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Flag of the Vekaiyun Meritocratic Party.

The Vekaiyun Meritocratic Party is a political party in Vekaiyu that believes in a merit-based society. That is, party members believe if one is qualified, one should fulfill the responsibilities one qualifies for, independent of any other quality (species, friendship, heritage, etc). Conversely, rights are not to be immediate benefits, but are rather earned. The right to vote, run for office, even to own property should be monitored based on one's qualifications, including intelligence, mental health, and emotional stability. According to the Meritocratics, only then will Vekaiyu truly succeed as a nation.

The party was the third political party to form in Vekaiyu, laying ground in late 2010, and won 10 seats in the Ileskari and 41 seats in the Ropke. The party is viewed as a fresh alternative to the more mainstream political parties, even if some of their policies are controversial. In addition, its fights with the Equality Party appear to have benefited its popularity.


The Vekaiyun Meritocratic Party has many goals, but some of the more important ones are as follows:

  • Merit-based society - As stated earlier, everyone should earn their positions, earn their votes, and earn certain rights.
  • Responsibility of the privileged - those who are the most successful must be the most qualified to help those around them, and therefore the upper class must take care of the lower classes.
  • Removal of Vekaiyun intervention in Listonia - Vekaiyu would only be watered-down with involvement in Listonia.
  • Vekaiyun culture and technology first - Vekaiyuns should love their culture and support the advancement of their people.

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