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Flag of the Vekaiyun Conservative Party.

The Vekaiyun Conservative Party is a political party in Vekaiyu that was formed in February of 2016 by current party leader, Ankyela Iskoliyey, as an offshoot of the Vekaiyun Progressive Party. The party currently has no seats, but is hopeful in gaining seats by the Kivreskov election in the Summer of 2016.

Several members of the Vekaiyun Progressive Party, disgruntled with the current path of the party and the nation in general, met in late 2015 to draw up a framework for a new party that would be closely-aligned to their values. This party, billed as an alternative to the dominant Progressive Party, is focused on preservation of the Vekaiyun culture and assertion of Vekaiyun ideals.


The Vekaiyun Conservative Party has many goals, but some of the more important ones are as follows:

  • Private property and private businesses must remain - Like the Progressive Party, private ownership should be easier, not harder, to obtain. Filing for a commercial license, or the ability to own a business, should be "as easy as giving a handshake to the government", as the First Speaker of the Ropke indicated.
  • Strong, capable military - Vekaiyu will need to readily defend itself or come to the aid of others.
  • Vekaiyun culture is above all others - Unonian is to be taught over common language. If Vekaiyu is to be a leading figure in the world, the world must accept and include Vekaiyun culture, not the other way around.
  • Preservation of the Vekaiyun Culture - The Conservative Party argues that this goal has not been met by the Progressive Party, and by adopting or accepting international ideals, the Vekaiyun culture has been watered-down.
  • The Vekaiyun Union must be separate - The Vekaiyun Union has incorporated previously-hostile nations into the Vekaiyun Sphere of Influence, an act that will only damage Vekaiyun history and culture. There must be more distinction between Vekaiyu and lesser nations in the union. Any other plans to include or adopt more nations into the union must be studied, but in general, Vekaiyun Conservatives are against union expansion.
  • "Full" Vekaiyization - Taking it one step further than the Vekaiyun Progressive Party, the Vekaiyun Conservative Party believes that any nation that has Vekaiyun troops in it must assimilate to Vekaiyun culture and become "fully Vekaiyunized" under their victors.
  • Protect Vekaiyun goods and control trade tariffs must be utilized to protect Vekaiyun goods and interests, especially in the union nations. The Yasterian Highway System must be used to expand Vekaiyun dominance in Yasteria and regulate trade in the continent.
  • Strong support for technology in Education - Technology and education are extremely important to Vekaiyun culture, art, achievement, and preservation.

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