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Kingdom of Augustia

Rìoghachd Augustia (Thanx)
Motto: The eternal flame burns within us all
Augustia (dark green) surrounded by the continent of Gondwana (grey)
and largest city
Official languages
Ethnic groups
Nationality (2020)
  • 63.8% Manx
  • 25.8% Other
  • 7.3% No religion
  • 3.1% No answer
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary
Constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
Basileus V
Ferdinand Vonayer
Bertram Topham Hatt
LegislatureNational Assembly
Council of Governors
Council of Representatives
27 April 1538
• Took control of East Unovia Island
15 June 1648
1 June 1700
• Imperial State of Nagato occupation
17 December 1942
• Liberation from the Imperial State of Nagato
2 March 1945
• Current constitution
20 April 1947
21 June 1950
• Total
452,378.03 km2 (174,664.13 sq mi) (31st)
• Water (%)
• 2020 census
• Density
47.83/km2 (123.9/sq mi) (67th)
GDP (PPP)2020 estimate
• Total
$445,600,000,000 SHD (36th)
• Per capita
$20,595.83 SHD (68th)
GDP (nominal)2020 estimate
• Total
$445,600,000,000 SHD (37th)
• Per capita
$20,595.83 SHD (69th)
Gini (2020)23.5
low · 28th
SDI (2020)0.912
very high · 16th
CurrencyUnovian naria (₦) (UNI)
Time zoneAugustian Standard Time (UTC-5)
Date format
  • dd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+12
Internet TLD.aug

Augustia (Thanx: Rìoghachd Augustia), officially the Kingdom of Augustia, formerly referred to as the Empire of Augustia, is a sovereign country located in eastern-central Gondwana, situated east of the Sea of Gondwana by the Unovian Strait, and by Lake Krystalinia to the southeast. The country borders Orderia to the southwest and a small land border with Vessarlian to the northeast. With an area of 452,378.03 square kilometres (174,664.13 sq mi), Augustia is the 19th largest country on Gondwana and the 61st largest country on Urth. As of 2020, Augustia has a population of 21,635,450, an estimated increase of 1.2% from 2010. Codexian and Thanx make up the majority of the languages spoken. The population is mainly Augustian, followed by Nagatoian and other nationalities. The nation's capital and largest city is Kingsford, and its financial center and shipping port is Bridgeport.