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Federation of Orderia Republic
Coat of arms
Anthem: Unite!
-Location of Orderia (Dark Green)
Official LanguagesStaynish
GovernmentFederal Presidential republic[a]
• President
Neo Cabaret
• Vice President
Net Cabaret
LegislaturePillar Council
• Reformation
25 November 1990
• Total
339,206 km2 (130,968 sq mi)
• 2022 estimate
• Density
79.52/km2 (206.0/sq mi)
GDP (PPP)2022 estimate
• Total
Increase$870 Billion
• Per capita
GDP (nominal)2022 estimate
• Total
Increase$867 Billion
• Per capita
Gini (2022)Negative increase 30.1
SDI (2022)Increase 0.725
CurrencyOrderians Repul (Rp) (ORP)
Time zoneWestern Time Standard (UTC-6)
Eastern Time Standard (UTC-5)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+25
ISO 3166 codeOD
Internet TLD.od

Orderia, officially Federation of Orderia Republic, is a sovereign state located in Southeast Gondwana, of the coast of Sea of Gondwana in the west, between the Unovian Straights, and Transerra valley in the east. It Consist of 3 Territory which include 28 different region. Orderia Share land borders with Nagato in the West, and Augustia in the North-East. Orderia has a land with an area of 339,206 km2 (130,968 sq. mi) with an estimated population in 2021 of over 76 million.

The Orderia Republic is a Federal Presidential government. The head of state is Neo Cabaret which reign in since 2019. Its Capital and the largest city is Nexo, a global financial Centre, the largest urban area is Alphie, and the most populous city is Rvera , other major cities include Nagaria, Lily Coast and Greenville. The Orderia Republic consist of 3 Large territory: The Eastern Territory, Tranquillity Territory, and Western Territory.

Various Ovirdisch Tribe known to Inhabited Gondwana thousand of years ago. Their traces were found dating c.2000 BCE. It is still unclear at what point in time Ovirdisch tribes has landed in Gondwana. The region named Ordeschhia was documented before c.150 BCE. In the 10th century, Orderia territory was formed as a part of The Baxxavil Kingdom, the following were a revolutionary war from 1199-1200 resulted into the collapse of Baxxavil Kingdom and the formation of 3 kingdoms. The newly formed Orderian Kingdom invade and annexed the 2 kingdoms -Fusheclia and Südwolenia- before the government dissolve in the 13th century. During this period, its was commonly known as the First Transerra Period. The First Transerra Period create the first Pillar Committee , act as emergency government before the formation of the 2nd Kingdom in 1210. The Pillar committee later formed into the Karassenich Council during the ruling of the 2nd Orderia Kingdom.

the 2nd Orderia Kingdom were known for its marine culture, this period saw Orderian Art and culture flourish. Conflict between [- nation -] would end the 2nd Orderia Kingdom in the late 13th century and later controlled by [-nation-].

The ruling of the [Union Name] in [year] formed a colonization in small part Gondwana and part of the world. Dissolution Treaty was later signed in 1700 during the decline of the empire and Orderia receded in 1701. Between 1701-1720 were known to be the second Transerra period. The emerging 1st republic would later formed. The 1st Orderian Republic is considered to be the basis foundation of modern Orderia.

The [-name-] Seizure of power in 1901 led to a toleration Dictatorship, [-Conflict-], Orderian Civil war,dissolvement of the government and establishment of The Federation of Orderia Republic in 1990. Orderia was a founding member of Gondwanan Comunity and Council of Gondwana.

Orderia is considered as middle power in global affair. With its potential growing economy, Orderia has been a great powerhouse over the last decade. Orderia has influence over technology and keen its interest in medical and technological sector. Orderia is member of the Internation Forum ,Gondwana Community ,and Council of Gondwana.


The name Orderia derives from [-Language-] (Ordecsh) and Gensi Rehhia ( リヒア ) meaning "Land of Many Kin". It was first used by King Grada Lenopov to describe the people of the east Transerra Valley. The Origin of "Orderia" word came from Ordeschhia, originally Oridies Hitoria were used to describe the diverse species that live within one tribe (i.e. Humans, Felines, etc.).

The name used during the revolutionary war in 1199-1200 to rally revolutionist. At the end of the war and the establishment of the first monarch, the name Orderia would be officially adopted.


main article: History of Orderia


The Oldest trace from what is now Orderia date approximately 400,000 year ago left by OviracsTribe. They are a nomadic human tribe, believe to have settled in Orderia roughly 250,000 years ago. The human are a hunter -gatherer, remain of their fossil were discovered in Cavien Cave,Socialico dating 220,000-years-old. Felines fossil were also found, buried side by side among human remains in [-location-] burial ground, [-location-]. Its is theorized the Felines meted with humans roughly 240,000 years ago during one of their journey. The Ovirdisch Tribe believe formed after their meeting. Evidences in [-location-] negative hand prints suggest a small group of Feline and human traveling together.

The Baxxavil Kingdom


  1. Officialy, the Orderia government is recognized as a Presidential republic though it can be argue. There are some laws in which legislature, the Pillar Council has more power over the head of state.