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Zemeprievadai Confederation

Zemeprievadai Konfederacija
Flag of Zemeprievadai
Motto: The sea is the vessel for all great things.
National Animal: Dolphin
National Flower: Pickerelweed
Location of Zemeprievadai
and largest city
Official languagesZemeprievadain
Recognized national languagesCascadiian
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
• Premier of Zemeprievadai
Agota Juskaityte
• King of Zemeprievadai
Gustas IV
• Chancellor of Zemeprievadai
Titas Nagrodskis
• Established
207 BC
• Total
110,756.45 km2 (42,763.30 sq mi)
• 2021 census
GDP (nominal)2021 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
CurrencyOfficial Currency:
Red Krone
Unofficial Currency: Zemeprievadain Rukel
ISO 3166 codeZPI ZP
Internet TLD.zp


The Zemeprievadai Confederation is a nation in the Kaskada region of southeast Gondwana.



Before Liesvozia conquered the area that would become Zemeprievadai, the area was occupied by city-states, much like the rest of the region. These city-states were isolated from the rest of the region, but were diplomatically active within the Zemeprievadai area. The different city-states made alliances with each other and often fought with each other.


In 207 BC the nation of Zemeprievadai gained it's independence from Liesvozia. After being controled by Liesvozia for so long the nation wanted to. They ended up founding many ports all over Urth, using them to exploit the goods they found for money. In 1302 AD the monarch of Cascadii married the heir of the merchant king, the king of Zemeprievadai. Soon after the merchant king died, forming a union between the nations called Cascadii-Zemeprievadai. When this happened the nation focused more on internal affairs than exploration and trade. When Cascadii-Zemeprievadai dissolved in 1621 the nation kept all of the colonies that it had before the union. Around the twentieth century the people of Zemeprievadai decided that they wanted to have a democracy following the First Cascadyjski Civil War where the people won and put in a democratic government. In 1945 Zemeprievadai installed a democratic government in cooperation with the king where he and his descendants would only be figureheads and would not rule the nation. Zemeprievadai is still seafaring to this day, with the majority of the military budget spent on navy and the government owning a major shipping company that ships many products all over Urth.