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Korćettan Republic

Flag of Korćetta
Motto: Evergreen drzewa tak daleko, jak oko może zobaczyć.
Evergreen trees as far as the eye can see.
National Animal: Caribou
National Flower: Gondwanan Rhododendron
Location of Korćetta
Largest cityPortmorski
Official languagesKorćettan
Recognised national languagesZemeprievadain
Ethnic groups
GovernmentFederal Republic
• President of Korćetta
Aleksy Niezgoda
• Vice President of Korćetta
Kayn Ojant
Establishment1267 CE
• Total
657,950.22 km2 (254,036.00 sq mi)
• 2021 census
GDP (nominal)2021 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
CurrencyKorćetta Trhuil
Calling code+297
ISO 3166 codeKO, KOR
Internet TLD.ko

The Korćettan Republic is a nation in the Kaskada region of Southwest Gondwana. It borders Stražsko to the south, Aivintis and East Cerdani to the east, and Zemeprievadai to the north. The nation has the Sea of Gondwana to the west.


Early History


Before the formation of Korćetta in 1267, the region of Kaskada was occupied by a large kingdom, Liesvozia. After the Liesvozian Golden Age the kingdom entered an age of low stability. This age of is called the Foggy Age, as little is known about the age due to the destruction of written documents by the humans. During this age the Silvist religion started growing among humans living in the nation. The humans, believing in human supremacy, started rioting against the government for being ruled by an “inferior species”. The riots turned into massacres as humans started killing other species in the name of their goddess Wszechświat. It all came to a head when in 1267 a human led coup was held against the Liesvozian government. The coup was successful and the humans installed a Silvist government run by King Jodła I. The nation was renamed to Korćetta. The full name of this new nation was the Silvist Kingdom of Korćetta.


During the coup, multiple nations tried to succeed from Liesvozia, starting the Kaskadan Succession War.

Second Kingdom


In 1635 Korćetta found new fertile land after exploring the Sea of Gondwana. They were looking to become a great empire like they had been before. They colonized this land, which they called Zachodnipaństwo meaning western state. Korćetta held onto this new land until 1842 when Tretrid forcibly took it from them.

Age of Democracy

The Great Revolt

During the Third Kingdom period, the Theocracy of Silv, now Auravas, experienced a revolution. This revolution lasted from resulting in a democratic government being installed. This gave idea of a revolution against a authoritarian government to the people of Korćetta. In 1771 The Great Revolt started. The Great Revolt lasted until 1783 and resulted in the Silvist Kingdom of Korćetta being replaced with the Federal Republic of Korćetta.

First Republic

The First Republic of Korćetta was formed when the Korćettan Constitution was written in 1801. Before this, the nation ran was ruled by religious law. Many people didn't like this, and it led to multiple riots, but the nation calmed down after the new constitution was put into place. The nation struggled for the few decades after The Great Revolt.

Second Republic

After being elected in 2021, Aleksy Niezgoda called for a new constitution to be drafted for the nation. This new constitution included removing the ban of non-human species from the nation alongside other reforms. This caused a surge of immigration of non-human species. Alongside this, around an equal number of people left the country, which they cited their leaving as because "the impure species now rule this land". This mass immigration had made many Silvist Korćettans angry with the government, with protests and riots popping up all over the nation, especially in Dobrogost.


The Korćettan Trhuil the official currency of Korćetta. Cascadia has a GDP of 803,346,880,000 USD and a GDP per capita of 40,000 USD. The Korćettan economy is fueled by their lumber and seafood industries.


Korćetta is a federal republic, with it's legislature being the Senate. Korćetta's President is Aleksy Niezgoda and Vice President is Kayn Ojant. Aleksy Niezgoda and Kayn Ojant were elected in 2021.


Korćetta has a fairly cold climate. Korćetta is heavily forested and is fairly mountainous. Korćetta has a large inland lake called Lake Kaskada. The largest river in Korćetta is the Błyszcząca River that spans from Lake Kaskada to the sea. The highest peak in Korćetta is Niebiański Peak. Korćetta has a fairly large sandy coastline. The largest national forest is the Korćetta National Forest spanning most of the nation.

Political Divisions

Red: Pułatyn Orange: Świruń Yellow: Zamoda Green: Pozworzno Blue: Noziądz Purple: Kielec Dark Red: Głonia Dark Orange: Bielzów Dark Yellow: Jawoła Dark Green: Zazębie Dark Blue: Dobrogost Dark Purple: Świętochnowiec

Korćetta has twelve sectors.