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United Iassathi Confederation

Flag of Iassath
Flag of Iassath
Motto: United the Confederation prospers!
and largest city
Official languagesNone
Recognised national languagesIassathi
Recognised regional languages
  • Ieskekhi
  • Ulogdari
  • Laneshi
  • Airozbun
GovernmentConfederal parliamentary triarchy
• Senior Triarch
Dzhantemir Tkhakushinov
• Junior Triarch
Aidamir Tsikunib
• Junior Triarch
Shaghir Zhemukov
LegislatureCouncil of the Confederation
Chamber of the Freeholders
Grand Iassathi Assembly


The government of the Confederation is headed by the Triarchs, though the government only has power over foreign affairs and some aspects of the Military, all other matters are delegated to the member states.

The Legislature

Iassath's legislature is tricameral, meaning that it is made up of three bodies. The first of these bodies is the Council of the Confederation, which is comprised of the leaders of each member state of the Confederation. Compared to the two other bodies, the Council of the Confederation meets the least often, but it also has the most important task of electing the Triarchs from amongst their number. The next body is the Chamber of the Freeholders, which is comprised of three people appointed by each member state's government or leader. The Chamber of the Freeholders' duty is to vote on laws that are passed by the third and final body, the Grand Iassathi Assembly. The Grand Iassathi is the last of the legislative bodies in Iassath, and it is comprised of representatives elected by the populations of each member state, with the larger a population a member state has, the more representation it gets in the Grand Iassathi Assembly. The Grand Iassathi Assembly is the first place where potential laws are voted on.

Council of the Confederation

The Council of the Confederation is the highest body of Iassath's Legislature, and it has the duty of electing the Triarchs and also reviewing, but not voting on, laws that have been passed on from the Chamber of the Freeholders and the Grand Iassathi Assembly before bringing the bill to the Triarchs.

Political Parties

The Cabinet

The Triarchy

The Iassathi Triarchy are the three leaders of the Confederation. The Triarchs are elected by the members of the Council of the Confederation from among themselves annually. The candidate with the most amount of votes becomes the Senior Triarch, while the candidates with the second and third most votes become Junior Triarchs. Officially, the three Triarchs share the same duties and are equal, but in reality the Senior Triarch is often seen as the true leader of the Triarchs and has the most say, though the Junior Triarchs do have the ability to override the Senior Triarch if necessary. There are no term limits for the position of Triarch, so as long as a Triarch keeps getting reelected every year, they will stay in power. In addition, if a Senior Triarch runs for reelection but does not get the most amount of votes, they will continue to remain as Senior Triarch as long as they get the second or third most votes. Junior Triarchs do not have this privilege and are no longer Triarchs if they are not in the top three for votes. Though not official, informal campaigning among those seeking to be Triarchs begins on January 1st. Elections for the Triarchy are held on February 1st, and Triarchs are inaugurated on March 1st.