Ni-Rao (Raonite PDR)

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Raonite People's Democratic Republic

နိရဩးပြည်သူ့းဒီမိုကရေစီးသမ္မတနိုင်ငံ (Raonish)
The flag of the Raonite People's Democratic Republic
The seal of the Raonite People's Democratic Republic
Motto: Glory to the Workers!
De facto territory (dark green)
and de jure claimed territory (light green)
Largest cityKrist
Official languagesRaonish
Ethnic groups
Raonite Orc 88%
Other Orc 7%
All others 5%
GovernmentUnitary communist military junta
• Chairman
Doro Mio
• Vice Chairman
Ria Oma
LegislatureWorker's Council of the Revolution
• Merger of the Crowns
c. 900 BCE
• Charter of Amao ratified
July 19th, 1791 CE
• Military junta established
October 17th, 2020 CE
• De jure
599,237 km2 (231,367 sq mi)
• De facto
(135,069 sq mi)
• South only
• 2020 census
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
• Per capita
CurrencyPeople's New Deben
Time zoneUTC -7:00
Driving sideright
Calling code+44

This article is about the military junta established in October of 2020. For the pre-existing country using the same name, see Ni-Rao (Empire)

The Raonite People's Democratic Republic (Raonish: နိရဩးပြည်သူ့းဒီမိုကရေစီးသမ္မတနိုင်ငံ, nirao pyishu demokarayhce sammataninengan) is a Communist state established by a military-led coup in October of 2020. Colloquially known as South Ni-Rao (Raonish: တောင်နိရဩ, taungnirao), it is led by a military junta called the Worker's Council of the Revolution, which consists of several high military officials and organizers of the underground Communist movement in Ni-Rao. While it claims to be the legitimate government of all of Ni-Rao, it retains functional control of only the southern portions of the country and is seeking to gain control of the remaining portion in the Ni-Rao Civil War.


The Worker's Council of the Revolution overthrew the democratically-elected government and constitutional monarch of Ni-Rao on October 17th, 2020. Beginning at approximately 7pm local time, coordinated bombings took place at government buildings and various factories in the cities of Amao, Krist, Rania, and Dinai. In Amao, the capital, the legislature building was seized by military forces, and the royal palace of the Empress was bombed, primarily by Communist-controlled air forces. The Empress and the Grand Vizier, along with approximately six members of the legislature, escaped by jet before the palace was bombed.


The Worker's Council of the Revolution is an unelected body whose total membership is currently unclear. General Doro Mio of the Ni-Rao Air Force has been identified as the Chairman, and Ria Oma, the leader of the Ni-Rao Communist Party, has been identified as the Vice Chairman. Public statements issued by Mio and Oma have indicated that the Worker's Council of the Revolution intends to establish an elected legislature and a constitutional commission "in the coming weeks, once power has been solidified."

The Ni-Rao Communist Party, which has existed since 1928 but which did not hold any seats in the Council of Five Hundred, is believed to be playing a major role in interfacing between the military and the public. The party has been placed under the junta hierarchy and continues to organize members of the public against the former institutions of state. However, the party's possible role in the planned legislature, and whether or not the party will be given nominal or actual control over state institutions of the People's Democratic Republic remain to be seen.