United Order Republic

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The United Order Republic

Coat of arms
Motto: We United,We conquest,We are One Order
Anthem: Unite!
Orderia Wikimap.png
Location of United Order Republic (Dark Green)
Largest cityAlpha
Official LanguagesStaynish
Ethnic groups
88.5% Human
8.2% Lupine
6.0% Vulpine
0.2% Unspecified
GovernmentFederal presidential constitutional republic
• President
Neo Cabaret
Neto Cabaret
LegislaturePillar associate council (P4)
Regional Representative Council
People's Representative Council
• Revolution
14th December, 1099
• Declaration of independent
16th august 1200
16th August, 1205
14th August, 1210
17th September, 1212
1st January, 1781
2nd April, 1800
• Orderia Neo-Republic
5th December, 1850
• Orderia Civil War
1st January 1852
2nd January 1870
• Socialist reform
7th june, 1987
16th August 1990
• Total
339,206 km2 (130,968 sq mi)
• 2020 estimate
• 2017 census
• Density
79.52/km2 (206.0/sq mi)
GDP (PPP)2019 estimate
• Total
556.987 /or $7.797.818
GDP (nominal)2020 estimate
• Total
460 million Re /or $6.900.000.000
• Per capita
457.950Re /or $6.411.300
CurrencyRepul (Re)
Time zoneWestern Time Standard (UTC-6) Eastern Time Standard (UTC-5)
Driving sidethe left
Calling code+301
ISO 3166 codeOR
Internet TLD.OR

The United Order Republic, Officially called The Federation Of United Orderia Republic but commonly known as Orderia Republic is a Federal sovereign state. Orderia shares land borders with Fódlan in the western and eastern territory and Nagato at the Western territory of Orderia. The nation run with Presidential system

The United Order Republic or Orderia is a nation with a strong political opponent with other nation with current President is Neo and Vice President Net since both win election on the 19th of August 2018. The capital is Nexo, a global city and financial centre with a modern urban area/city with population of 25 million in 2019. Other major urban areas/cities in Orderia include Alpha, Greenville, and, Theoville.

Orderia territory divided into 3 major territories that are Western Orderia, Isle 301, And Eastern Orderia. Those territory divided into 27 different provinces/districts and more than 230.000 Sub-provinces with unique culture and languages.That Included Komodo, Gondwana gulf, Gargarus, Mariana, Atlanta, Thyupon, Gariagana, Hatarophon, frankgeus, rortyro, frtatysa, qerty, Hilia and 4 special province/district nexo, hill 55, Socialico and site 301. Each Province can contain a probability of 20,000 Sub-Provinces. 16 which listed above is Major Provinces. Due to the fact that Orderia Province is A lot and hundreds of Sub Province, The Government listed them as a region rather a province.1 Province can be a size of a small state Every Other Province has different ethnicities and languages, but they connecting each other with an open heart.

The relationships among the countries with Orderia have changed over time, Especially during Battle of komodo coastline in 1976. In 1199, in the days of the kingdom of baxavil, A single revolution come and formed the United Kingdom of Orderia in 1200, which went on to become the sovereign state of the Empire of Order. Tranquility Island or back in the days called Kingdom of Great Western Island was annexed by the Order Empire after the 3rd Battle in 1229. The Orderia win the war, and the rest was occupied, few smaller kingdoms decided to join the Orderia empire. Orderia Empire Collapsed in 1789. Those former colonies were fading from the map or no longer visible on the map.3 last colonies decided to stay in 1792. Those 3 last territory is still under orderia controlled and the territory 3 Former Territory. Those 3 territories called the former islands. Those are the remnants of the Orderia Empire which, at its height in the 1700s. Orderia Remnants can be observed in the language, culture, and ethnic group in many of its former colonies that occupied by other nations.

The United Order Republic join the space race in 1978 and become a majority of space explorers. Space industries powered by INtech. Many Technologies adapted every time. A majority of the industry is to develop safe and cleaner machinery for a better future. In a conclusion, Orderia is a strong political nation with a powerful achievement with its technology to explore.

Etymology and terminology

In 1923 Unification Act declared that the Orderia and other provinces or state whether its outside or inside of orderia government were "United as one under the name of the Republic", though the new state is also referred to in the Acts as the "United Orderia Republic" and "United State of Orderia Republic".

The United Order Republic as a sovereign state is a United country, The term Region is widely used for Federated states. Orderia Official website has used the phrase "Unity By Diversity" to describe the United Republic.

The term "United State" is often used as synonym for United Order Republic. However, it is sometimes used as a loose synonym for Orderia Republic as a whole. OR and UOR are the standard country codes for the United Republic and are consequently used by international organizations to refer to Orderia Republic. Additionally, the United States Olympic team competes under the name "Orderia Republic" or "Team UOR".

The adjective "Orderia" is commonly used to refer to matters relating to the United Republic and rarely as a synonym for the United States. The term has no definite legal connotation but is used in law to refer to United Republic citizenship and matters to do with nationality. People of the United Republic use a number of different terms to describe their national identity and may identify themselves as being 1 of 27 different provinces, can be noticed by where they test their citizenship goes or divided by Office of Unity and Regional Residence of Orderia (OURR). Most citizens identified themself in philia, Gariagana, and Nexo especially after the Proclamation in 1200, Likely a patriotic spur.

After Proclamation in 1200, a kingdoms were briefly known as the "Free city of Orderia" until it was formally dubbed the "Orderia Empire" in early 1210's.

The Acts of Unification 1913 decreed the United States of Orderia Republic in political unification with Kingdom of Western Isle and Greater Blaxavia. By extension of Regional territory, the region of "Orderia" was given the epithet "Great", short for "Greater".

The Acts of Unification 1943 decreed the United States of Orderia Republic in political unification with Atlanta isle and Mariana Isle from separation in 1779 and given name as 3 Former Territory

The Acts of Disintegration in 1978 decreed the United States of Orderia Republic in political state disunity with "Free City of Dalfas" after Battle of Komodo coastline in 1976.



Settlement by anatomically modern humans of what was to become the United Republic began around 500,000 years ago, Era. A small civilization in the Gondwanan continent, west coastline that is known today as Komodo Coastline. In the next 20,000 years, Orderia develops a coastal culture. Temple And old ruins built in early 2000 until 5000 years ago.This temple is known for its marvelous height before submerged. Orderia culture always isolated for 2 decades. Orderia becomes separated when the sea level rise and covers most of Orderia land. Most of orderia remnant cover by water below sea level. Many Ethnics come to Orderia and eventually become a recognized ethnics group in 1900


Early age

Middle Age

Orderia War of Independence

Orderia War of Independence
Part of Orderia Revolution
Orderia Revolutioners place the national flag at the top of the city palace
Date December 14 1099 until August 16 1200
Location United Order Republic
Result Orderia victory
  • Proclamation of Orderia independence
  • Coronation of Natagaria Fargarus II as High-King
  • Deaths of many significant Orderians figures
Baxaville Flag.png Baxaville Kingdom Orderia Rebels.png Orderia Revolutioner
Commanders and leaders
Baxaville Flag.png Gofdorn vgariga †
Baxaville Flag.png Natagaria Fargarus
Orderia Rebels.png Gariagana †
Orderia Rebels.png Variagana Von Dalfas †
Baxaville Flag.png ~250,000 Orderia Rebels.png ~344,500
Casualties and losses
Baxaville Flag.png ~184,000 Orderia Rebels.png ~120,877

Main article: Orderia Independence Revolution

The Orderia Independence Revolution was the revolutionary war between Kingdom of Baxaville and Orderia Revolutionary. An independence movement from harsh Baxaville government, Rebels start to riot in early April 1199,Revolutionary war broke out on december 14 1199. In 13 December 1199, the Kingdom of Baxaville was overthrown by Orderia Revolutioner, Before War broke out, A riot happening. The King of Baxaville was assassinated. Not long after, Baxaville military arrived and captured Orderia Revolutioners. The Leader Gariagana, was transported to hilia city when risk of captured is great.

A Painting of 56th Spearhead 2nd Co. after conquering in Queenshill,14 December 1199

In December 14 1199,Queenshill, Queenshill Today knowns as "Bearer Hill" is the first battle started, Baxaville Military And Orderia Patriotic Revolutionary or OPR Militia for short also arrived. The battle started when the sunset. The first shot was fired by Baxivlle Trebuchet. This Known as "The Fire of New Order". Ground Shaking when the rock hits. Archer fire with flaming arrow, Although OPR Militia was heavily under fire literally. They seeing a patriotic spur, Charging through fire, They given nickname "Gortyha" or "The Flaming dragon". Win on Orderia side though their casualties is around ~2500 soldiers.

In 21 January 23 1200,City of Gasrtyas, Today known as City of Nexo. The Second major battle. In the fort of Gasrtyas, today known as ruins of Victoria. Both army was arrived. Before sunrise approximately 2 hours before sunrise. Both Army preparing heavy weaponry. The battle lasted into a sidge in City of Nexo. This siege happen until 2 March 1200.

In early May until late July. chaos happens all across the land. In 23 June 1200,City of Haryafa, the first city been fully liberated by OPR Militia. A first major victory by OPR militia. The city later named "Alpha" or "The first", many nicknamed Alpha as the leader city during the revolutionary war.

In August 14, 1200 in the city of Nexo, a proclamation text was given toward the OPR Leader, Gariagana. She given order to prepare a independent act in the city of Nexo. In This day, many Baxxaville flag was dropped and the Orderia flag was rising. In 15 August 1200, Arround 14:xx p.m, The Baxxavile Kingdom Surrender. Many believe that 15 august was the declaration of independence, but it never happened in 15 August, instead 16 august 1200. In 16 August 1200, around 6:00 a.m. , Natagaria Fargarus II declared Independent to the Orderia Kingdom in the Palace balcony. Every single village and town was given the news and celebrated toward city of Nexo streets. Many Baxxavile banners and flag was destroyed by flames or rip-apart. Many remnant of baxxaville kingdom was immediately destroyed by the locals. Those remnants who survive was later rediscovered in 1956 almost 800 years after the victory. Those remnant can still be see in Orderia National Recovery Museum in the city of Nexo. The Revolutionary flag still fluttering till this day in the Capital Palace.

Many Orderia figures who died during the revolutionary battle was buried in National Cemetery Monument in the city of Alpha. many who died was written toward history for their patriotic spur. Those name was written in the National Pillar monument, not far from National Cemetery Monument. To honor their fight, in 14 August every years is Heroes Day in Orderia. 2 Days before Independent Days, the day when all of Orderia flag waving in the sky in all across the country

3rd Battle

main article: 3rd Battle

In 1200, After falls of baxaville kingdom, the land divided into 3 kingdom, The kingdom of Orderia, The kingdom of western isle, and The kingdom of Hilia. These 3 kingdom never had a good relationship with one and another. In 12 January, 1201, A truces between these 3 kingdoms to built a unity foundation. This truces not lasted long. In 1205, the kingdom of Hilia enter Orderia kingdom border and claim that its their land. Not long after, Kingdom of Western Isle enter Hilia and Orderia kingdom border. At this event, in 1206, the three (3) kingdom declared war at the same time.

The First Major battle is Battle Of Alpha. A Battle between city of Alpha occupation between kingdom of Hilia And Kingdom Of Orderia. This part of the war is simply a debate between who owns city of Alpha. Started in early morning 12 august, 1205. Major casualties on both side. City of Alpha is in the hand of Orderia and Kingdom of Hilia Lost major territory.

Second Major Battle is a war between Kingdom of Western Isle and Orderia. Major battle took place in the water. Hundreds of Ships firing canon and sank. Major Losses in Orderia Side but They still capable achieving victory and move further inland in Kingdom of Western Isle. After landing in Western Isle mainland or nowadays called Site 301 Isle, they put a full-year siege in the island. In 1206 They started full invasion in Kingdom of Western Isle.

In 1206 - 1207. A full Years major battle in Kingdom of Western Isle and Orderia. A 1200's style D'Day. Suppressed by heavy fire, from flaming arrows into a Trebuchet with a flaming rocks. Surrounded by all side, Kingdom Of Western Isle has no choice to surrendered and fall under Orderia Hand. In 12 June,1207 , Kingdom of Western Isle has collapse under Orderia Hand.

In 1207 - 1210. A 3 Years War between Kingdom of Hilia and Orderia. Kingdom Of Hilia being the first one who disadvantage orderia in current war. Moving further inside Orderia land, OCM (Orderia Civil Militia) being involved into the war. OCM is simply OPR Militia. OCM is only involved if civilian also involved in the current war. OCM Still active today. OCM Involved do to the fact a civil crime committed toward nearby village/town. OCM Now known as Civil Protection Union (CIVPU)

Battle of Lilie's Coast Valley is one of the major battle in this war. Battle Of The Valley is one of the name given to this battle. The Battle within the sea and the ground. Many Battleships sank in the coastal, Major casualties in the mainland. One of the most devastating battle is battle of Coastal Fort, in Lillie's coast. Major casualties on both side, even the fort was heavily damage. Coast bombardment all day. Many who lives nearby heard canon shot, some of it even got hit by the canon shot. Battle ended with a victory in Hilia's Kingdom.

In 15 August 1210. Last major battle. In this day, a last conflict between two kingdom will resolved. Lillie's coast Liberation. One final battle, when Orderia Kingdom try to liberated Lillie's Coast City. Hundreds of thousand soldier killed in this battle. Even the city was torned. The Battle lasted for 3 weeks and the result come for a full liberation to the city. Later that day. Hilia's Kingdom overthrown and collapsed under the Orderia Land. In 15 December 1210, Hilia region split into another 3 smaller independent kingdom. Major part of the territory was seized by the Orderia Kingdom

In 12 June 1211. A Resolution to United those 3 kingdom under one banner was passed. The Kingdoms United with Orderia Kingdom, given a new name as Orderia Empire. not long after in 1212, the orderia start colonizing several land in Gondwana.


Early Empire

Orderia Begun to rise in 1212. Orderia begun to develop more advanced weaponry so they don't left behind the other nation. One of Orderia greatest achievement is naval power. According to J.L Johnson book,"Orderia has a navy of a million volcano moving in the sea". A Rapid expansion after hearing several colony built by world super power. Natagaria Fargarus II, High king of Orderia Empire, Personally order a rapid expedition around Urth. Early Expedition is trading with Orderia goods in several nation.

In 1220, Port goliath become a one of major port, Port goliath is one of the port that connect a couple ship lane. During this economy blast, Orderia start for colonialism in 1225 by colonizing a couple island around Gondwana. This island's increase the economy by 2%. This island now known as 3 Former Territory. These 3 Island consist 3% GDP in modern Orderia. Orderia start rapid colonialism in 1230. According to Ordeira Footnote, 10 colony was founded in 3 years. This Colonial age is become a golden age for Orderia people. In 1300, a unknown source of accident cause orderia lose a colony. Even not a major colony, the lose of the colony was cause a significant economic damage, According to 1967 Study, The lose of the colony not just an economic lose, also a significant manpower loses. Around 2.5% of Orderia Empire GDP Lose.

In 1345 Orderia Attempt to colonize a part from Aurora continent, According to several historical note, 15 expedition was stranded and none of them recovered from the expedition. During this accident report, 3 rescue expedition ship was sended and backtrack the previous 15 ship. From Rescue mission, a rescue ship went missing, From 15 of the expedition ship, 2 ships crew were able to be recovered, but the rest is presumed dead by official report. In 1955, Orderia Antarctic Expedition, 2 of the 15 ships was discovered beached in a glacier cave. 2 corpse of the body founded in the ship was recovered to Orderia and was confirmed, it was the crew from 15 missing ships.

In 1400, Orderia Called The Naval Age, around 150 Port was built from Orderia Empire Itself and the colony. Many Fort also constructed in around orderia coastline and colony capital. This Water Age also the time when many Orderia Naval ships was heavily armed. This age also the first officially naval ensign was putted toward Orderia Navy.

During 1400, well known as Aqualis Age, The King, King Faltonia II, Begun to started a replacement for the colony lose in 1225. According from several note from historical figure in 1400's, "He Started looking down the map, he knew that the winter island (Sempiterna) was never been explore.[...] He knew that that wasteland contain some secret to untold" from "1400 Ice" book by J.Charlie in 1409. The First Antarctic Expedition started in 1470. The First Camp named after Nagataria, Camp Nagatria now Known as ZETA-15 Sempiterna Base.

Camp Natagria was built on top of a glacier in the area. Camp Natagaria was never been revealed from public, until 1970. Orderia ZETA-15 Base founded a 1400's camp equipment. What was founded was main heavy cam gear equipment was mainly founded, There no specific note when or where did Orderia give up on the land. But a theory suggested according from J.Charlie notes, "1400 ice"," [....] - 1476." This theory suggested Orderia possibly Pull out in 1476.

Sometime in 1400's, Orderia was recognized as global superpower, Even only 9 colony, Its considered as global superpower. By the end of 1400's, All of its colony city was built according Orderia Standardization. Orderia Become Global Super power Until sometime in 1700's, A revolution occur, No specific Information why or who started the revolution. This Single revolution changed Orderia. This Revolution cause the the 1st Republic age for Orderia.

Winter Civil War

Main Article: Winter Civil War

In 1760, by unknown organisation who was known by the name "Blue Beret" begun a rebellion by revealing the truth behind Orderia Rich city. He started a protest than become an armed riot. This riot continue for several months, Sometimes in 1760's, News spread all over Orderia, even its colony. All 9 Colony was Protest for independent. By the start of Early Industrial Age in Urth, Orderia clambered with riot. Then in 1780, The king doesn't give order directly but at 17 June, 1780, A military personnel open fire at a protester, This accident cause massive outbreak toward Orderia, By the start of 1780, The gun fire open at both side, This event cause Revolution War.

This rebellious movement spread across the empire. News moved fast in Orderia, a rebellious act could impact the nation so many news were censored or hidden from public, but this one is already spread like a wild fire. Many soldier were overwhelm by riots and lead into gun fight. By June of 1781 the first rebel start a new propaganda and try overthrown the harsh imperialisms.

During winter of 1780 until October 1781. Civil War occurred between loyalist and resistance. The most famous battle in this civil war is Battle of June rock. Win is on the rebel side during Battle of June Rock. According to note and record, 14 man were killed 6 were injure, and 4 were missing or captured. Battle of June rock was a decisive key victory in this civil war.

They are also many conflict occurred though every single domain in orderia leading a total chaos in the nation. In the end 477-78 "Fallen" was used to prevent a longer period of war. All territory after 477 was used removed, captured by other empire or given independence. As the empire crumble a new one start to rise up as a brand new nation of Orderia Republic. Given a new republican age

1st Republic

1st Republic of Orderia or well known in the Orderia history as the Transitional Era. The 1st Republic is a transitional power from the old monarch into newly found republican government. This newly found government only lasted around 6 month before vote out from power. It lasted from December 1781 - June 1782.They were voted out after they're poorly and slow handling decision with the position of the state which is in a post war scenario. By the time of the government pulled out the, Orderia become a country without any official government party nor a leader. Pillar Table Partei become the De Facto government party which start in June 6, 1782 - December 12, 1783. During The Pillar Government In charge, the only thing they can provide for displaced civilian from war torn city is a small tent with limited supplies. Having its stability almost zero and a broken economy that nearly Bankrupt the entire nation after losing all of its colony during the Winter Civil War, their effort is barely enough to carry the falling nation.

Pillar Table Partei is capable to carry the falling nation long enough until more stabilize government form which is in December 14, 1783 which well known as the 2nd Republic. Pillar Table Partei later form as the Legislative council of the nation which is known today as the Pillar Associates Council which still stand to this day.

Industrial Revolution of the 2nd Republic

Neo-Civil War

Imperial Republic

-Civil War title here-

Present day