Sea of Gondwana

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Sea of Gondwana
Coordinates30°0′0″S 100°0′0″W / 30.00000°S 100.00000°W / -30.00000; -100.00000
Surface area3,794,610.5184 km2 (1,465,107.3120 sq mi)
Average depth1,500 m (4,900 ft)
Max. depth5,270 m (17,290 ft)
Water volume710,000,000 km3 (170,000,000 cu mi)
Shore lengthUnknown
IslandsNorth Unovia Island, West Unovian Island, East Unovian Island, Gensi Archipelago, Vessarlian Archipelago, Unovian Tail, Kyushi Isles, Site 303, Unovian Egg, Entry Isles
SettlementsBalnakia, Piorunpreria, Chamali, Vessarlian, Iassath, Satō, Nagato, Augustia, Orderia, Zemeprievadai, Korćetta

The Sea of Gondwana, also known as the Gulf of Gondwana, is a sea and gulf connected at the crossroads of the Pacific and the Southern Ocean, surrounded by the continent of Gondwana. Due to geological activity in the area, many of the islands in the Sea of Gondwana are volcanic. The Sea also includes two minor bodies of water: the Unovian Strait to the east, and the Unovian Sea to the north.

The Sea of Gondwana covers an area of about 3,794,610.5184 km2 (1,465,107.3120 sq mi), representing 1.7% of the global ocean surface, but its connection to the Pacific Ocean and the Southern Ocean via the Strait of Entry—the narrow strait that connects the two Oceans to the Sea of Gondwana and separates the Entry Isles from the rest of Gondwana is about 140 km (87 mi) wide.

The Sea of Gondwana has an average depth of 1,500 m (4,900 ft) and the deepest recorded point is 5,270 m (17,290 ft) in Unovia Deep in the Unovian Straitl. The Sea lies between latitudes 30° S and 50° S and longitudes 130° W and 80° W. Its north-south length, from Iasssth in the north to the Entry Isles in the south is approximately 4,830 kilometres (3,000 mi).

The sea is an important body of water for merchants and travelers in modern times, facilitating trade and cultural exchange between peoples of the region. The history of the Gondwana region is crucial to understanding the origins and development of many modern societies in the region. Out of all the countries in the Sea of Gondwana, Nagato has been the only country to benefit the most. The countries surrounding the Sea of Gondwana from north to south are Balnakia, Piorunpreria, Chamali, Vessarlian, Iassath, Satō, Nagato, Augustia, Orderia, Zemeprievadai, and Korćetta.