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The Wahdist Republic of Dabiristan

Flag of Dabiristan
Official Flag
Motto: "We trust in Wahd and fear nothing other than Wahd."
Anthem: The Great Homeland
Largest cityAl-Sadiqiyah
Official languagesDabiristani
94% Wahdist Alqamarism
GovernmentUnitary Theocratic Presidential Wahdist Republic
• Supreme Leader
Mahmoud Tabatabaei
• 2020 estimate
72.4 Million
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
721.2 Billion USD
• Per capita
9961.33 USD
SDI (2030)0.833
very high
Date formatDD/MM/YYYY
Driving sideleft
Calling code+313
ISO 3166 codeDB AND DBS

The Wahdist Republic of Dabiristan, commonly known as Dabiristan, is a Unitary Theocratic Presidential Wahdist Republic in Gondwana, Urth. The nation shares no land borders with other sovereign nations.

Dabiristan is a presidential republic. The Supreme Leader acts as the head of state and is the longest serving head of state since the formation of the Wahdist Republic. The capitol is Maham City, the cultural heart of Dabiristan and one of the most economically strong city's in Dabiristan. Maham City has an population of 3 million as of 2020. The largest city is Al-Khusumah, with an population of 9 million as of 2020. Other major city's in Dabiristan include: Al-Khuweeiyah, Badaweeiyah, Al-Sadiqiyah, Al-Qamsizah and Najarvan.

Dabiristan has a nationalised economy making it a self-sufficient and nationalistic nation. Dabiristan has a large transport network connecting all major cities.


The temperature of Dabiristan is usually humid and hot. The average temperature in Summer is 36.2 degrees (celcius) and the average temperature in Winter is 23.7 degrees (celcius). Dabiristan is not prone to natural disasters and have faced very few amounts of them. Dabiristan has 3 main seasons (the 3rd season can be split but it is usually not): Summer, Winter, Spring (Autumn and Spring).


Early Civilisation:

Unification era:

Formation of the Sultanate:

Modern Era:



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