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Morstaybishlian Overseas Territory of Joralesia

Flag of Joralesia
Flag of Joralesia
Location of Joralesia within southern Gondwana
and largest city
Official languagesStaynish
Ethnic groups
71.3% Human
23.9% Kaohlat elf
4.8% other
• King
Lambertus VII
Aslovis Pevan
Dillett Reaton
• Total
33,247 km2 (12,837 sq mi)
• 2023 census
• Density
174.19/km2 (451.2/sq mi)
CurrencyKirib ()
Date formatDD/MM/YYYY
Driving sidethe left
ISO 3166 codeJOR
Internet TLD.mbe

Joralesia (/hoɹaliːʒia/), Ethalrian: Tornaland (/tɔʁnalant/) is a Morstaybishlian Overseas Territory located on the north-west part of the island of Hayaneste, Gondwana, where it shares one land border with Hlenderia to the south. It has an area of 33,247.2 km² (12,836.8 sq mi) and a population of 5.8 million in 2023. Ewising, it's capital city, sits on the Floosian Strait and is a primary hub for oceanic trade between the Cerenerian and South Concordian Ocean. Decidious forests occupy the oceanic climate in the west, whilst taiga sprawls the larger subsempiternic climate in the east.

Ethalria famously discovered Hayaneste in 1499 when explorer Waltraud Vogel landed in Tornales, what is today Ewising. Though Ethalria was the first to explore the island, a native population had lived on the island since at least two thousand years ago, and a descended Impelanzan population had been living on the north and west coasts for a millennia, where it was considered the final frontier of western expansion by ancient Impelanza. Auroran settlement began in the mid to late 16th century, bringing primarily Ethalrians, but later other ethnicities. Tornaland was founded as a trading outpost in 1540 and quickly became an integral piece of the Ethalrian trading network. At the conclusion of the Posolic Wars in 1826, Tornaland, now a considerable region, was one of several Ethalrian colonies ceded to the Morstaybishlian Empire where it was thenceforth known as Joralesia.

Joralesia's economy is based largely on tourism, shipping, agricultural machinery, textiles and hoisery. Ethnicity is split predominantly between Ethalrian and Staynish, as well as the native Vrotrim and Kwarim peoples, reflecting the political landscape where, since the 1950s, there has been consistent movement for independence away from Morstaybishlia. Violence ceased in the 1970s but has seen a resurgence since 2021.


The word "Joralesia" in Staynish, and the word "Tornaland" in Ethalrian are both bastardised forms of Tornales, an Impelanzan city that inhabited the northwestern coast. The Ethalrian ship Die Primel docked in 1499 and it is believed there was a misunderstanding which led to the city of Tornales being used by the Ethalrians in reference to the land. A similar story followed with Staynish.

The name Tornales meant something to the extent of "villages" in Impelanzan, referencing specifically a plural scattering of villages without a defined town centre. By the end of the 15th century, the meaning behind the word had lost its value due to Tornales being considered a city.