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Elphana (in red) in relation to neighboring nations.

The Republic of Elphana, sometimes referred to as Elephana based on poor translations from the Unonian language, is a nation located on the continent of Yasteria in The East Pacific realm. The nation borders (from clockwise) Sevropia, Lake Miiyu, Isklevyu, and Listonia. It is regarded as one of the poorest nations in The East Pacific and is inhabited primarily by Elphene Peoples.

The nation obtained its independence from Sevropia on April 4th, 2009, which was the same day Listonia was carved from both Sevropia and Dveria. Vekaiyu had initially demanded the inclusion of Elphana at a world summit, but backed down from their demands after it was clear the fight would be greater than what it was willing to invest. The nation established its capital, Dalorg, in the northern section of the nation, bordering Lake Miiyu.

The new Listonian state demanded a corridor to Lake Miiyu over the summer of 2009. When the smaller state refused, Listonia cut off all trade with Elphana and instead became more reliant on Vekaiyun goods. Vekaiyu followed suit shortly thereafter, which caused the state to rely heavily on goods from nations that were farther away, first Warre, then Vulshain. In 2010, Listonia set to work creating a wall to further divide Elphana from Listonia, who cited that the nation was illegally obtaining goods via transport across the nation. The wall remains incomplete as of 2015.

The end of 2014 Dverian War resulted in the Kerilo Accord, which promised Listonia a corridor through the nation of Elphana, essentially splitting it in two. Listonia rebuffed this condition upon accepting membership into The Vekaiyun Union, where Lso Yiskevi demanded the corridor for trade purposes.