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Sakeyuz, Unonian for sak e yuz or me and you was a criminal syndicate located in Listonia. The organization thrived shortly after Listonian Independence, when their views of a simplistic lifestyle, strong military, and expressionless art and style appealed to Listonians. The organization was effectively in power after August of 2011, when the group worked with Stapen Evesuni's top aide to coup the Listonian dictator and replace him with a body double. Improper handling of the Listonian people, its economy, and relations with Vekaiyu led to the 2012 Listonian War, in which Vekaiyu routed Listonian garrisons and divisions. At the end of the war, Sakeyuz ceased to exist as a political force and was no longer recognized as a legitimate criminal organization by the Listonian criminal underground. Many of its leaders and strongmen were killed or simply disappeared during the war, with some quick to join ranks with other organizations.

Stapen Evesuni eventually searched for remaining holdouts, but efforts proved by and large unsuccessful.

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