Kerilo Accord

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The Kerilo Accord is a series of accords signed by the nations of Volkia, Listonia, South Hills, and Vekaiyu. Partly a peace treaty signifying the end of the Dverian War of 2014 and partly the establishment of a set of agreed-upon actions, the document formed a powerful alliance among the signatories that had both immediate effects relating directly to the conflict and longer term effects that shape modern geopolitics to the present day.

The Kerilo Accord gets its name from the Kerilo, Vekaiyu, the city in which the document was drafted and signed.

The Accord

1. The nation of Tano shall be annexed into South Hills and be created into the states of Tano Island, East Tano, and West Tano. a) All signatories shall jointly operate the straits and monitor trade within the Gulf of Itur. b) The straits may not be closed to signatories at any time unless mutually agreed upon in advance of closure.

2. The Straits of Tano are hereby declared as treaty waters, and will be policed by a joint maritime defense force.

3. Volkia shall annex the state of Ygori in Dveria.

4. Vekaiyu shall annex the remainder of Dveria.

5. Open academies will be established for Pact officers in order to train for environmental-specific operations.

6. All signatory nations will be granted protection from any attack. An attack on one is an attack on all signatories.

7. All signatory nations are able to forge their own alliances and agreements independent of this accord, barring an impingement on the conditions outlined in this document.