Vekaiyu at the Tenth Winter Olympics

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at the Tenth Winter Olympics

Flag of Vekaiyu
County code VEK
NOC Vekaiyun Olympic Council
Competitors 219 athletes in all sports
Flag bearer Ileena Virestre (Ski Jumping)
Rank: 14th;
NS Olympic history
Summer Games
Winter Games

A team of 219 vulpine peoples representing Vekaiyu competed at the 10th Winter Olympics in Free Republics. These Olympics represent Vekaiyu's tenth appearance in an inter-regional Olympiad, and fifth appearance at a Winter Olympics.

Initial Predictions

Taken from a V3 News Sports Column by Rin Slakori

BASETON - It wasn't too long ago that the only nations from The East Pacific competing in the biannual Olympics was Kelssek, Vulshain, and Vekaiyu. Back then, back when Vekaiyu first competed, Kelssek had already established itself as an Olympic powerhouse. But in the five years Vekaiyu has participated in these worldwide events, it too has become a powerhouse... for the summer games only. Indeed, the Ninth Winter Olympics was the nation's worst showing ever, coming in at 40th overall. This came on the heels from a 22nd showing in the Eighth Winter Olympics - the nation's second worst Olympic performance. Can Vekaiyu turn it around this year? Or will it continue to regress and remain a summer nation only?

"We really have a lot to prove this year," skeleton athlete Salvatoro Okanuvi informed V3 News Services. Salvatoro won bronze last year in the men's individuals. "This is kind of a make or break time for many of us. We don't like losing just as much as the nation doesn't like us losing. We know we're good. We know we're capable. But, let's just face it, sometimes all the practice you put into these games doesn't pan out."

"I hate to sound cliche, but we're not exactly as popular as, say, swimming in Vekaiyu," luge competitor Selvala Akayemestri added. "We don't get the breakfast cereal commercials or the state of the art suits designed in some lab. But we do what we can." When asked if she believed she was ready for this year's games, she replied, "of course. I wouldn't dare show my face here if I felt I was not at my highest level."

The frustrations in the Vekaiyun camp caused many of the younger athletes to "jump ship" and help field a Listonian team for the first time. While there are a few Listonian athletes in their numbers, the majority are Vekaiyu, especially in speed skating, an event that features many good Vekaiyun athletes but so far has netted the nation a total of zero medals. Joining the Listonian team isn't as easy as one would make it out to be. Listonian equipment is not necessarily known for its durability or its quality. Indeed, most of it reportedly came from outdated and overused Vekaiyun training facilities from the 1980's.

"You make the best of it," young speed skater Xa Inglastre told V3 News. "Let me say this, though: I just want the chance to compete. I'd love to represent my own nation, but the way things were going [in Vekaiyu] I was never going to get a shot anytime soon. Plus the Listonian people could use something to cheer for. I hope I can deliver."

To play off the recent media and sports pundit portrayals of these Vekaiyun citizens working for Listonia, the speed skaters have incorporated a Jolly Roger inspired flag to their uniform, complete with a vulpine flag. It will be interesting to see how both nations respond to these bold athletes.

But these games are so much more than just Listonia joining the fold. Indeed, British Grand Pacific, Laiatan, and Trnavania have joined the games this year as well, along with perennial contender Kelssek, making a total of six nations competing for these winter games. Vulshain, a nation that has enjoyed a rivalry with Vekaiyu for years, is again not present for these games. But the number of nations from The East Pacific will definitely make these games one to remember. Which nation will come out on top? Will Vekaiyu turn things around for the Winter Games? Will those Listonian speed skaters show their Vekaiyun counterparts how it's done? What about the ice hockey clubs from Laiatan and British Grand Pacific? Will they dominate much like they have over in The East Pacific Realm?

Time will tell. But if it's any consolation, perhaps this newfound interest in the Olympic Games will give those Vekaiyun athletes that extra competitive edge they will no doubt need this time around. Here's to 39th or better, right?

"Ah, we can do it," ski jumper Yva Ergelsu soothed. "Just keep watching."


Medal Name(s) Sport Event
Silver Ankyela Erveni Alpine Skiing Women's Downhill
Bronze Ika Niblowsa Cross-Country Skiing Women's Individual Sprint
Bronze Ankya Aligovi Cross-Country Skiing Women's 30 km Classical
Gold Todd Yovenaru, Sayli Kamastori Figure Skating Pairs Free Skate
Gold Ikrisia Listerasre Speed Skating Women's 1000 m
Bronze Stapen Ikavistre
Todd Yeskoviyey
Irvo Ulesi
Speed Skating Men's Team Pursuit
Medals by sport
Sport med_1.png Med 2.png med_3.png Total
Speed Skating 1 0 1 2
Figure Skating 1 0 0 1
Alpine Skiing 0 1 0 1
Cross-Country Skiing 0 0 2 2
Medals by type
Type med_1.png Med 2.png med_3.png Total
Men's 0 0 1 1
Women's 1 1 2 4
Mixed 1 0 0 1
Total 2 1 3 6
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