Vekaiyu at the Eighth Winter Olympics

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at the Eigth Winter Olympics

Flag of Vekaiyu
County code VEK
NOC Vekaiyun Olympic Council
Competitors 114 athletes in all sports
Flag bearer Rin Novelesu (Freestyle Skiing)
Rank: 22nd;
NS Olympic history
Summer Games
Winter Games

A team of 114 vulpine peoples representing Vekaiyu competed at the 8th Winter Olympics in Liventia. These Olympics represent Vekaiyu's sixth appearance in an inter-regional Olympiad, and third appearance at a Winter Olympics. Vekaiyu netted three medals, all in skiing. Despite high expectations, it marked the first time Vekaiyu did not gain a medal in figure skating.

Initial Predictions

Taken from a V3 News Sports Column by Rin Slakori

One of the benefits of being Vekaiyun and watching your athletes compete against other entrants from around the world is bragging rights within your own region. Traditionally, The East Pacific contains three nations which fervently attend Olympic play: Kelssek, Vekaiyu, and Vulshain. Traditionally, these three nations do well in Olympic play. And traditionally, these three nations love to beat each other and claim "the title" until the next games are afoot.

"It's not that we've given up on ever getting first place overall," silver-medalist Lso Uvelistre told V3 News while he was relaxing in Olympic Village after his routine. Indeed his first run in the men's individual normal hill impressed judges, who awarded him a score of 124, and his second performance satisfied their desire for more with a score of 121, netting him the medal and Vekaiyu's first of the young competition. "We never give up. We are Vekaiyun, of course. It's just that that's all secondary to us - what really matters is if we've beaten those other two nations."

In the Seventh Summer Games, Vekaiyu did just that, finishing fifth overall. Kelssek, which had traditionally dominated the medal tables worldwide not to mention the region in general, had several spells of silver and bronze medals and could not match the medal efficiency of Vekaiyu. They finished 13th overall. Vulshain, another vulpine-majority nation, did not compete due to issues with filing paperwork.

"That made it bittersweet," goalie Lso Yuvesku of the Vekaiyun Ice Hockey team added. "We don't like to win on technicalities. But truthfully, we've been doing this longer than they have and we like to think that our program's experience gives us an edge." He and the strong blueliners of the Vekaiyun squad defeated Merciangle yesterday by a score of 1-0. Vekaiyu's young team was not favored to win any game in its conference this year, so any victory is special for this team. "Of course I'm happy about [the victory]," he added. "People are going big mad over just one win. It shows they didn't count on us doing anything."

Biathlon athlete Leina Rikeri said, "Why don't we have more of these international competitions? I wonder. Vekaiyuns love, love to beat one of their own regional nations. Not just in sports. We like to think of ourselves as the leaders, as the dominant force in the region. Are we that? Well I wouldn't go that far. We just like to think of ourselves that way."

Will Vekaiyu retain their title throughout these Winter Olympics? While Vekaiyuns may disagree, history tells otherwise. Vekaiyu tends to do rather poorly in the winter games. In its two appearances, the predominantly vulpine nation has not finished better than fifteenth, and has won just nine medals, including Uvelistre's silver from this year. Vekaiyu finished well behind rivals Kelssek (1st) and Vulshain (9th) in the Seventh Winter Olympics. The nation will need to improve upon 2012's record in order to come on top in the Eighth Winter Olympics.

"Ah, we can do it," ski jumper Yva Ergelsu soothed. "Just keep watching."


Medal Name(s) Sport Event
Silver Lso Uvelistre Ski Jumping Men's Individual Normal Hill
Bronze Ehjy Iskalvi Ski Jumping Men's Individual Large Hill
Gold Rin Novelesu Freestyle Skiing Women’s Moguls Final
Medals by sport
Sport med_1.png Med 2.png med_3.png Total
Freestyle Skiing 1 0 0 1
Ski Jumping 0 1 1 2
Medals by type
Type med_1.png Med 2.png med_3.png Total
Men's 0 1 1 1
Women's 1 0 0 1
Mixed 0 0 0 0
Total 1 1 1 3
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