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Great Imperial Confederation of Taiyō

Flag of Taiyō
Motto: Zài zhàndòu zhōng shēngcún huò sǐwáng
Live or die in battle
National Animal: Musk Ox
National Flower: Tansy
Location of Taiyō
CapitalQun Xing
Largest cityWu Sha Wia
Official languagesYuèliàngish
Recognized regional languagesTaiyōan
Ethnic groups
Ursine: 41%

Elf: 23%
Lupine: 17%
Human: 12%
Nekomimi: 5%

Other: 2%
GovernmentFederal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
• Chief
Ymena Shufen
LegislatureGrand Council
• Unification
• Total
125,518.9 km2 (48,463.1 sq mi)
• 2023 census
GDP (nominal)2023 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
CurrencyTaiyōan Qáinar
Date formatDD/MM/YYYY
Driving sideright
Calling code638
ISO 3166 codeTY TYO
Internet TLD.ty

The Great Imperial Confederation of Taiyō is a nation located in northeast Novaris with a population of 32,415,376. Taiyō borders Gamlevinland to the west, Mirhaime to the south and Jarisven to the northeast. The nation is located on a set of islands within the Shinpi-tēnyuān Sea, with the western half of the nation located on a peninsula. The nation is cold climate without a dry season, with most of the nation having cold summers and the southwestern part of the nation having hot summers.

Most of the population of Taiyō lives on the Iwa Peninsula. The nation is split into territories where different tribes are the most prominent. The nation is filled with insurgency from the tribes that were conquered by the Taiyō clan, but the military keeps them down.



The native people of central Novaris began to inhabit the Taiyōan Isles in [TIME]. Eventually these people became secluded from the rest of the people of Novaris. This caused the people of the area to grow their own unique dialect not seen in any other section of Novaris.

Tribe Era

The area that Taiyō now inhabits was once controlled by four separate tribes. These were the Taintites, the Yuèliàngish, the Taiyōan, and the Bian tribes. These tribes got their names from their patron gods, known as the Celestials. Tantite was the god space, Yuèliàng was the god of the urth, Taiyō was the god of the sun, and Bi was the god of asteroids and meteors. Each tribe believed that they were the children of their respective god, which is what separated the people from one another. The biggest of these tribes was the Yuèliàng tribe.

Great Expulsion

The Great Expulsion, was an event that caused the separate tribes to disperse across the islands in the Shinpi-tēnyuān Sea. This event was caused by the Chief of the Yuèliàng Tribe forcing the other tribes off of the Iwa peninsula. The tribes ended up sailing throughout the sea and they settled on the different islands found in the sea. This was the first major rift in the relations of the four tribes, causing centuries of infighting.

The four former dominate tribes of Taiyō after the Great Expulsion. Yellow: Taintite tribe. Green: Yuèliàng tribe. Red: Taiyō tribe. Blue: Bi tribe.

First Unification

In [TIME] the Yuèliàng tribe had found themselves in a war with a great enemy, which had strength beyond the comprehension of the Yuèliàngish people. This caused the Chief of the tribe to reach out to the other tribes and call for their assistance. This eventually consolidated into the tribes uniting into one nation under the Yuèliàng Chief.

Modern Era

In 1912, during the Great War, Taiyō launched an attack on Taintite, who quickly fell with their small army. After Taintite fell the Taiyōans set their sights on Bi, quickly overrunning them and taking their land. Finally, with their new army, Taiyō focused on Yuèliàng. Yuèliàng had a much larger army than Taiyō, but Taiyō was able to outmaneuver them and take them over by killing their Chief and forcing their army to surrender. This resulted in the most recent unifications of the four tribes.


Taiyō consists of forty six islands, seven of which are uninhabited, and one peninsula. These islands are mostly mountainous in nature, with the tallest point being on the island of Taiyō. The Iwa Peninsula is mostly marshland, making it difficult for Tribe Era people to construct buildings and live on the land.