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Great Imperial Confederation of Taiyō

Flag of Taiyō
Motto: Zài zhàndòu zhōng shēngcún huò sǐwáng
Live or die in battle
National Animal: Musk Ox
National Flower: Tansy
Location of Taiyō
CapitalQun Xing
Largest cityWu Sha Wia
Official languagesYuèliàngish
Recognized regional languagesTaiyōan
Ethnic groups
Ursine: 41%

Elf: 23%
Lupine: 17%
Human: 12%
Nekomimi: 5%

Other: 2%
GovernmentFederal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
• Clan Lord
Ymena Shufen
LegislatureGrand Council
• Tribes United
• Total
128,144.18 km2 (49,476.74 sq mi)
• 2021 census
GDP (PPP)2021 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
CurrencyTaiyōan Qáinar
Date formatDD/MM/YYYY
Driving sideright
Calling code638
ISO 3166 codeTY TYO
Internet TLD.ta

The Great Imperial Confederation of Taiyō is a nation located in northeast Novaris with a population of 32,415,376. Taiyō borders Gamlevinland to the west. The nation is located on a set of islands within Lake Shinpi-tēnyuān, with the western half of the nation located on a peninsula. The nation is cold climate without a dry season, with most of the nation having cold summers and the southwestern part of the nation having hot summers.

Most of the population of Taiyō lives on the Iwa Peninsula. The nation is split into territories where different tribes are the most prominent. The nation is filled with insurgency from the tribes that were conquered by the Taiyō clan, but the military keeps them down.


Tribe Era

The tribes that resided in the Taiyō area started conquering nearby tribes in 592. This lead four tribes to dominate the area. Most of these tribes were peaceful in nature, except for the Taiyō tribe, which was known for it's violent nature. These four tribes stayed at peace with each other for most of the time they were around, as they were on different islands. Some of these tribes even made alliances with one another.

The four former dominate tribes of Taiyō. Yellow: Taintite tribe. Green: Yuèliàng tribe. Red: Taiyō tribe. Blue: Bi tribe.

Taiyōan Conquest

The Taiyō tribe had been gathering weapons and training forces for as long as the tribe had been around. They were the nation to break the peace of the tribes. At first the Taiyō tribe attacked the Yún tribe, as they were the weakest. Then they went for the Hú tribe for the same reason. Then finally the Taiyō tribe had to face their greatest enemy, the Iwa tribe. The Iwa tribe had the biggest population of the four, and with this had the biggest military. The only problem was the Taiyō tribe had better trained forces.

The fighting took years, but finally the Taiyō emerged victorious in 1361. This started a new era, where only one tribe dominated the area.


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