Vanse Lebivistre

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Vanse Lebivistre
Ler Commodore of Vekaiyu
Title Ler Commodore of Vekaiyu
Assumed Office September 26th, 2010
Preceded by Ehjy Nimous

PreviousTitle Sipavu Commodore
Span May 4th, 2007
to September 26th, 2010

Previous Title Ler Commodore
Span February 1st, 2002
to May 4th, 2007
Preceded by Selvala McEva

PreviousTitle Sipavu Commodore
Span November 11th, 1996
to February 1st, 2002

PreviousTitle Hejul General
Span October 9th, 1991
to November 11th, 1996

PreviousTitle Solike General
Span April 20th, 1987
to October 9th, 1991

Gender male
Race Vulpine
Born January 22nd, 1963
Place of Birth Eldura, Vekaiyu
Age 51
Eye Color Blue
Height (feet) 5'9"
Weight (pounds) 160 lbs
Religion Vayan Catholicism
Languages Unonian, English

Vanse Lebivistre is the current Ler Commodore of Vekaiyu. He is charged with overseeing the nation's defense.


Few have served in the Vekaiyun Armed Forces as long as Lebivistre had. He gained recognition in part due to his family background and being related to a long line of gifted military tacticians. After graduating at the top of his class, the young soldier was placed in the thick of several battlefields, where he soon proved his worth. He was promoted to Solike General in 1987, and his success on the battlefield put him in line for another promotion four years later in 1991, to Hejul General, where he was now in command of 5,000 soldiers. Again, his success at this position provided a further promotion to Sipavu Commodore, and many in the Vekaiyun military assumed he would be in line for one of the top spots - Kral Commodore or Ler Commodore. However, he was passed up for the position of Ler Commodore by Selvala McEva. The rejection made the typically hot-headed general furious and, consequently, McEva and Lebivistre rarely got along.

It was not until 2002 that Lebivistre would finally receive promotion to Ler Commodore, by Selvala McEva (who had become the Premier of Vekaiyu following Max Venavle's death), but by then he had inherited an aging and at times dysfunctional command system that presented a series of problems. In addition, the Ler Commodore had become increasingly intolerant with Selvala McEva's policies to the point where the two fought constantly. Still, she couldn't fire him - his efforts at this time in many ways prevented the Vekaiyun Armed Forces from succumbing to obsolete maneuvers and tactics. In 2006, Lebivistre developed severe headaches and severe muscle spasticity in his face, wrenching it into a tight grimace with his right eye squinted. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor shortly thereafter, but it is not clear if the commodore had acquired these symptoms from the brain tumor, as he caught Lyme Disease earlier that year. Regardless, McEva used the opportunity to finally rid herself of him and demoted him to Sipavu Commodore in favor of Ehjy Nimous, who was rumored to be in a relationship with McEva at the time.

When Selvala was deposed in favor of Kral Commodore Ikrisia Levinile, Ikrisia was quick to place Lebivistre back at his post. Realizing the impending conflict between Maxists, Lebivistre ordered the killing of 150 men during his first day of promotion alone. He was stationed in Iruk during the 2010 Vekaiyun Civil War, and was initially distrusting of Yamano Nevikalu, whom he felt was too reckless. As for Ikrisia, he put aside personal differences, having learned from his past service as Ler Commodore. He instead chose to instruct and guide the young Premier. Consequently, he enjoyed more free reign than the Kral Commodore. He, along with the Minister of Foreign Trade, Imanov Risilake, were instrumental in devising a strong trade and military pact among select nations in the Gulf of Itur in April of 2011. Later that year, he headed a program that would later form the Vekaiyu Missile Defense Zone, which protected Skendia from attack during the 2012 Listonian War.


Lebivistre is a hard-lined individual that demands respect from his subordinates. He stresses loyalty and competency over all else, and has gained a well-earned reputation for removing or destroying those whom he believes are working against the Vekaiyun state. This does not mean he holds everyone to the same standards. He will cut people breaks if they have gained his trust. For instance, Ikrisia Levinile has raised her voice at him on several occasions, which merited no response from the Ler Commodore. He is aged, full of wisdom, and respected among the military ranks of Vekaiyu.

Because of his condition - loosely identified as a form of Bell's Palsy - he may appear angry even when jovial. The malady changed his speech patterns and he now speaks in short, staccato grunts and phrases. It is why Nevikalu refers to the Ler Commodore as being "frozen in a bowel movement."

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