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Imanov Risilake is the current Minister of Foreign Trade in Vekaiyu. Risilake is charged with regulating and protecting domestic goods in Vekaiyu from foreign competition and establishing and maintaining trade of Vekaiyun goods abroad. He works closely with other Vekaiyun ministers and Vekaiyun Foreign Officers to maintain solid economic relations with other nations. He is seasoned in trade talks. He, along with Vanse Lebivistre and Stapen Evesuni, attended trade talks with other nations bordering the Gulf of Itur and strengthened Vekaiyun trade across the region. He oversaw the drafting of the Kerilo Accord, a powerful military and economic alliance, and later worked with The General Secretary of The Vekaiyun Union, Lso Yiskevi, to draft plans for The Yasterian Highway System.

He is known in diplomatic and domestic circles by his dress - a bow tie of typically flamboyant colors, a black or sometimes white suit, and thick-rimmed glasses. He is articulate and can speak fluently in Unonian, English, and Dverian. He has also gained a reputation of being able to hold his liquor, especially at dinners.

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