Red Crown Terrorist Attack

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Red Crown Terrorist Attack
Norgsveltian soldiers on patrol after the attack.
LocationCrossroads of Sherman and Solnedgang boulevard in Vakkerhavfruebukt, Vakrestrender.
13:30 (UTC+12-)
TargetBjørn Family
Attack type
suicide attack
WeaponModified Semi-Truck; AK-47; bomb vests
VictimsBjørn Family; Halvor Hegland; Runar Thuesen; Geir Homstad; Oddbjørg Volle
PerpetratorsArmy of Progress
AssailantsOllie Glover; Elise Glover; Marie Kvale; Bjarne Holtan; Vidar Land

The Red Crown Terrorist Attack was an suicide attack targeting the Bjørn family occurring on 5th of March 2018 in at the crossroads of Sherman and Solnedgang boulevard in Vakkerhavfruebukt, Vakrestrender. The attack primary used a modified semi-truck, having "ram" built into it and IED in it's underside. The semi-truck piloted by Ollie Glover rammed through the police barricade hitting the royal carriage carrying the Bjørn family during a parade held in honor of their youngest child birthday Jørgen Bjørn. The semi-truck plowed parked police cars and the metal barricade which formed the line from public access to the parade route. As the semi-truck slammed into the carriage the engine was turned off, activating the bomb underneath killing noble family, several police officers, injuring hundreds of parade attendees. At same time Vidar Land fired onto the police forces from a nearby roof using a smuggled in AK-47. The shoot out prevented imminent assistant towards those injured in the bombing but didn't cause more casualties. The shoot out ended when Vidar activated his bomb vest and threw himself off of the rooftop before police officers could storm the roof top he was in.

NCIS took over investigation by requested of Vakrestrender's Minister of Justice within an hour of the attack, mostly as an formally as NCIS agents who was already apart of the protection staff for the parade event and was already investigating the attack. Who quickly sized the footage captured from traffic cameras in the area and investigated the moments before the semi-truck turned the corner and sped into the parade. Releasing two of the images of suspect who were later identified as Marie Kvale and Bjarne Holtan, assisting Ollie with final preparations on semi-truck outside of his wife's repair shop.

The garage was stormed by police officers and NCIS agents, arresting Bjarne Holtan as he was attempting to destroy several computer hard drives. He attempted to start his bomb vest however vest failed to activate properly and was arrested by lead agent Rostad. Elise Glover was found attempting to hide in a locker and was promptly arrested as well. Using advance data-recovery tools on the destroyed hard drives pointed towards the Army of Progress as the solo perpetrator of the attack. Having funded the operation from aboard and radicalize the group online. Further investigation at their assailants homes lead to the reveal that the hard drives at the garage was from the assailant's PCs however no other forms of evidence was recovered from the homes.

During questioning, Holtan said the cell was motivated desire "an end the Jarldom of Vakrestender and the autocratic ideals it upholds." They was radicalized on a wide variety of online platforms, such as on Pidgeon and on Ourtube. They learned to build explosive devices and how to modification the truck from experts online provided by the AoP, as well sent the funds to the cell raised anonymously online. The plan was created by senior AoP officials organized the cell together, smuggled in the explosives to be modified onto the semi truck, the firearms and suicide vests to be used. The metal added to the front of the semi-truck was bought locally from a scrap dealer and payed for by money raised online by the AoP activists. On June 22, 2020, the Elise Glover, Bjarne Holtan and Marie Kvale pleaded guilty to 30 charges, including terrorism, using weapons of mass destruction and violence against the crown. They're was collectively sent to life in prison out of Vakrestrender.

The Attack

Police officer directing other emergency staff to assist those injured.

Starting from the edge of the town on the town's major port, marching through the market place in the middle of the city to the exotic zoo on the edge of Vakkerhavfruebukt. Then finally turning around on the road at the exotic zoo marching back to the market place before marching towards the Slottbjørn's castle where the heiress' to the jarldom Jørgen Bjørn was at. The parade started at 11:00 (UTC+12-) and during the middle of the parade of 13:30 (UTC+12-) is when the attack occurred. Officially at 13:31 (UTC+12-) the semi-truck hit royal carriage and Ollie Glover turned off the engine, triggering the explosive device.

The bomb destroyed carriage completely, flipping several cars over, destroying much property and injured 975 attendees. The gunman Vidar Land opened fired at the police officers down below at 13:42 (UTC+12-) waiting on the additional officers to arrive to the burning wreckage. The police storming the building the gunman was in finally reaching the roof's door at 13:53 (UTC+12-) and Land activating his bomb vest and throwing himself off the roof at 13:54 (UTC+12-).

Jørgen Bjørn Livestream

Jørgen Bjørn was livestreaming on Pidgeon his view of the parade, from the Lovekraken Keep which had a view of the whole parade march through the town. He was providing commentary on the parade, talking with his Pidgeon live-chat and telling stories about the royal family. Along side him was, Esta the Protector, Princess Estrid and then Princess Ingrid, as part of the official Norgsveltian and Blaskovian delegation and as his close personal friends. The mood before the attack was jovial and light-hearted, trading jokes swapping stories about each other's families. The livestream was trending on Pidgeon, including in non-Norgsveltian speaking parts of the site. Peeking at over 3 million watchers at the mid-parade, it holds the record for highest viewed stream in the Norgsveltian speaking world.

His cries of horror was livestreamed for all of the world to hear and the later recording of his terror was the number one trending video on Pidgeon for two days. His assistant and friend Karina Stephensen turned the live stream off after Jørgen started to break down seeing his family being murdered.


The investigation was handled NCIS by request of the Minister of Justice within an hour of the attack and NCIS agents was already on site apart of the protection detail for the noble family, had been taking control investigation as soon the attack occurred. They secured all footage from traffic cameras, piecing together trail of where the semi-truck came from several blocks away at the Elise's car and boat repair shop. Where local security camera footage spotted the driver of the truck (Ollie Glover) was assisted by pair of figures in final check ups of the modified truck. The police raid on the garage lead to them finding Bjarne Holtan as he was attempting to destroy several computer hard drives using a hammer. He was armed with a suicide vest was threatening to blow up the officers if he wasn't escort out of the country. He later activated his vest when he was startled by a loud sound. Agent Rostad rushed and tackling the terrorist to the ground. His vest failed to trigger and agent Rostad was able to handcuff him. The police officers found Elise Glover in a locker hiding from them.

No knock raid on Marie Kvale's apartment.

Later investigation of the destroyed hard drives recovered much of the evidence used in the later court cases and in uncovering all members of the local terrorist cell as well traces to their foreign counter-parts. However due to technical legalities they wasn't able to further investigate into the links to activity outside the country. The hard drives shown that they was using social media platforms such as Pidgeon and Ourtube as a method of recruitment for the local cell. They found banking numbers linked several charity organizations outside of legal jurisdiction of NCIS of investigation. The investigation found proof of AoP on hard drives, finding files relating to instructions for when to receive shipments of weapons and bombs out on sea. Additionally finding an crypto-wallet with over 10,000 U.K. on it believed to be used as payment for the semi-truck and related purchase to it. They sold some of the cryto off in exchange for U.K. to buy the needed metal in cash.

Raids on the suspects homes found Marie Kvale in her apartment attempting to kill herself via a rope hanging from the chimney on the roof but was interrupted when officers sneaked behind her and removed the noose.

During questioning, Holtan said the cell was motivated desire "an end the Jarldom of Vakrestender and the autocratic ideals it upholds." Further detailing the involvement of foreign AoP members assisting the local cell operations with funding and supplies. Providing education to create the suicide bomb truck and the ram for it. The plan came as orders from outside the country by a still act large figure. The surviving terrorists plead guilty to 30 charges, including terrorism, using weapons of mass destruction and violence against the crown. They're was collectively sent to life in prison out of Vakrestrender.

International Response

Olav I, King of Norgsveldet announced his greatest personal condelences to Jørgen Bjørn and stated he shall work tiredsly to help Vakrestrender fight against future terrorism, also mentioning the close bond of their two families during a speech held in Osfjord, in which Olav was seen sobbing after he finished the speech. A day afterwards an emergency meeting between all Crown Realm representives and Olav I in Osfjord was held about the attack, in which it was agreed to strengthen security between all Crown Realm nations. With heavy emphasis being taken on counter terrorism activity and intelligence gathering. In which all nations in it placed all AoP members on an arrest warrant. Days after Olav himself visited the islands along with rest of his family to be there for the new Jarl. Princess Ingrid who was there when the terrorist attack happened along with her cousin Princess Estrid, stayed with Jørgen for several days after the attack. Norgsveltian government also increased its military and intelligence presence on the islands to help the Vakrestrender goverment in security matters. Johanna Sverdrup announced her government would bring the matter to the NCEF to agree on unified fight against AoP terrorism, and placed another round of sanctions on Tiervan for the statements Aukusti made in support of the attack.

Prime Minister Walter Johannes held a private phone conversation with Prime Minister Ingeborg Hove following the attack. The palaces and estates of the Royal Family of Morstaybishlia lowered their flags to half mast, and the nation held a minute of silence at the time of the attack the following day. MBE's official stance involved being committed to shared intelligence with the Vakrestrender government and future mitigation of terrorist attacks. Morstaybishlia's embassy to Tiervan was revoked the day after Aukusti announced his support of the terrorists.

Federal Prime Minister of the Federation of the Southern Coast, Judith Ardouin gave their condolences and authorized to take direct military action against Army of Progress.

Shrine Keeper Ny'tern Bjørlic of Akuanist Republic of Hvaloaszna held a midnight memorial and declared a national day of morning for the victims of the terrorist attack and the royal family.

In a speech to the Auroran Commission the day after the attack took place, UNAC Commission President Lara Tarasovna offered her condolences to the Bjørn family and extended her condolences to the Valkyr people as a whole, calling the attack "a horrendous tragedy," continuing in saying "such brutality and bloodshed has no friend in the UNAC and the wider world of well intentions." The Commission President later announced she would pursue committing to an increase in UNAC anti-terrorist funding.

The evening of the attack, Tuvalt Chancellor Alyona Petrovavich held a teleconference with Valkyr officials, offering her deepest of condolences and discussing bilateral improvements in anti-terror intelligence coordination. The day after, the Chancellor in a speech offered humanitarian aid from Tuvaltastan to assist in the recovery efforts.

The CEO of Gusanaszna Export Corporation, Kenddary Varinheart offered his condolences and offered a two year long discount on medical supplies from the corporation.

The president (now prime minister) Ayo Hoshi of Nystatiszna, joined Hvaloaszna in hosting a memorial, giving a short speech that this is a attack on all Akuan nations and he deeply sympathies towards all victims.

Jarlynja of Lapliszna Esta the Protector, of house Ciriliadatur was there when the terrorist attack happen. She released a statement on Pidgeon condemning the any and all acts of terrorists, further stating this is a attack on tradition itself. She stayed with Jørgen for several days after the attack along side Ingrid and Estrid.

The Eyjarian prime minister, Kjolf Bardsen, announced his condelences a day after the attack and stated in a speech that "As a fellow crown realm nation, it is with a heavy heart to hear what happened in Vakrestrender. As an Eyjarian, our hearts go to everyone of you."

In contrast to most nations responses, the Tieresh leader, Twain Aukusti stated his support to the terrorists and proclaiming it a victory for the fight against monarchism and imperialism.

The Government of Cryria issued a statement expressing shock at the attacks and offering its condolences.

The Ministry of Diplomacy for the Antoran government announced they were monitoring the situation and that they felt sympathetic to the families of the victims. The Ministry spokeswoman, Arlet Gutiérrez, had an apperant slip of the tongue when answering a reporter's question, asking "Where exactly?" when referring to the location of Vakrestrender in relation to Aurora and how the attack would affect the regional economy. The Ministry of Diplomacy maintains that Ms. Gutiérrez believed the reporter was referring to the size of the trade region hypothetically affected.

The Prime Minister of the Oan Isles, Maui Uye-Ahua, sent a message of solidarity with the people Valkstrender during the crisis and offered humanitarian support. He stated that these attacks and the operations of non-state paramilitary actors in nations on the periphery of the United Nations of the Auroran Continent required a strengthening of shared security. Specifically he alluded to strengthening immigration protocols and increasing intelligence sharing through structures of the Auroran Security Agency. He also added that the Oan Isles will petition the Auroran Court of Justice to issue a continental arrest warrant for members of the Army of Progress.