Ingrid the Reclaimer

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Matriarch of Nystatiszna
State potrait by an Nystatinne artist
Reign1st January 2022 - present
Coronation1st January 2022
Born (1999-09-10) 10 September 1999 (age 24)
Royal Hirdvik Hospital, Hirdvik
SpousePrince Hjalmar and Ny’Saki of Grand Shrine of Lilith
Ingrid Meirlevenn Wilhelminasdatur
ReligionUlvriktru and Akuanism

Ingrid the Reclaimer (Ingrid Meirle Wilhelminasdatur, born 10 September 1999) is the Matriarch of Nystatiszna and former Crown Princess of Norgsveldet. She is the eldest child of King Olav I and Queen Wilhelmina. Becoming crown princess after her father accended the throne in 2002. Since 2019 she have attempted to shed light on discrimination of kemonomimi in Norgsveldet but also especialy abroad. She was corronated Matriarch of Nystatiszna, at 1st of January, 2022. She was Crown Princess of Norgsveldet before getting her title stripped by her father in which the title was transferred in favor of her younger sister, Princess Alexandra. With her father proclaiming that her way of ruling in Nystatiszna is in stark opposition to the values of House Ymirdval. As a result of her no longer representing House Ymirdval, an new royal house was established named House Viktorkala.

On the 31st October 2021, she married Prince Hjalmar of Asendavia in the city of Hirdvik in Norgsveldet with the marriage being seen as part of the growing international cooperation between Asendavia and Norgsveldet.

On the 8th December 2021, Ingrid was elected in a landslide victory to become the new monarch of Nystatiszna, after she chose to become a candidate in their monarchal election in a campaign to improve the status and general life of the kemonomimi people there after large international backlash against Nystatiszna's apartheid system earlier that year. She won despite the Imperial Party of Nystatiszna tampering in the election. She was given the title Reclaimer at her corronation in Nystatiszna. Under her reign Nystatiszna is said to have improved rapidly in both economical and social fields, with a major decrease in poverty levels for the kemonomimi population and overall economic growth. In large parts to the RCEU aid and grants into the country. With Nystatiszna being given aid from regional nations like Eyjaria on top of it. With her government having been successful in fully ending apartheid in Nystatiszna and rapidly increasing the quality of life for the kemonomimi population.

Despite this she has been accused of not only abusing her political power but also centralizing it around the regime. Often through the silencing of criticism to her reign under the guise of fighting against Hirdism and Anti-Akuanism. With her also being accused to have further increased the power of NIB, with sapiant rights organizations having accused Ingrid for enacting state sanctioned terrorism.

Political Ideology and Reign

While Ingrid made no clear statement over her what she political identify with, many experts have compared Ingrid’s rhetoric made during speeches and policy announcements to be similar to that of Naylorbrookiszna and her Akuan Socialist policies. With Blåskovian political commentators especially known for accusing Ingrid’s Pan-Borean and left wing nationalist rhetoric to be clear similarity to Akuan Socialism. Though Ingrid herself have denied being an Akuan Socialist and rather claimed her political philosophy is one simply inspired by her Akuan faith and the socialist policies of the Federation. Which caused some to nickname her as a “Socialist Akuanist” as a play on her Akuan Socialist sympathies.

She has been accused by critics to having clear authoritarian tendencies mainly towards criticism towards her harsh crack down of previous apartheid supporters, which includes arresting majority of the Imperial Party members after the passing of the Anti-Hirdist and Anti-Hatred Acts. Acts which been argued by some civil rights activists to being used to clamp down on free speech in Nystatiszna. Though supporters have pointed towards the major increase in kemonomimi employment in the country’s administration and overall improvement of kemonomimi rights. She has also supported Victoria Engebretsen’s policies concerning surrounding culture and state centralisation. Being very supportive if the latter.

With Ingrid and Victoria being officially unified in policy making, there are reports of clear disagreement over the degrees in which policies should be taken.

Religious and Cultural Policy

Since her enshrinement as a Living Shrine she has worked with Victoria in the renewment and construction of new shrines across Nystatiszna. With Ingrid giving the prime minister her full support in the renewal program, proclaiming it as a spiritual and holy policy that needed support from every faithful Akuanist. With her working with the country’s brewmasters and helped in reforming the Nystatinne Shrine Authority. Alongside her political involvement she been involved in cultural media campaigns sponsored by the government to help teach a more unified Nystatinne Nys'tat'en. Mainly through radio and TV showing her personally teaching some children the language. With said media campaigns having been heavily pushed across Nystatiszna.



Foreign Policy