Olav I

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Olav I
State portrait by in the royal palace
King of Norgsveldet
King of Tangrland
King of Maanbriak
King of Vakrestrender
King of Federation
King of Eyjaria
Grand Duke of Dvalheim
Duke of Haakondal
Fylkir of Ulvriktru
Einherjar of Osfjord
High Chevalier of the Knights of the Sun
Reign21 April 2002 - present
Coronation21 April 2002
PredecessorKing Harald III
Heir ApparentPrincess Alexandra
Prime MinistersMagrete Kverheim
Olav Bergenser
Balder Hjel
Johanna Sverdrup
Wilhelm Kirkeland
Born (1972-03-05) 5 March 1972 (age 52)
Osfjord Royal Palace Osfjord
SpouseQueen Wilhelmina
IssuePrincess Ingrid
Princess Alexandra
Princess Joan
Prince Johan
Princess Amanda
Prince Henrik
Princess Eva
Princess Ny'Tencømo
Princess Ny'Kandenor
Olav Meirlevenn Fredskongur Sjøhelgen Haraldson
SignatureOlav I's signature

Olav I (Olav Meirlevenn Fredskongur Sjøhelgen Haraldson: born 5th March 1972) is King of Norgsveldet and its Crown Realms. He is Commander-in-chief of the Norgsveltian Armed Forces. Olav was born in the Royal Palace as the second child of King Harald III and Queen Astrid. He was born during the Tieresh independence war (1972-1980), as younger brother of Sigurd and later became older brother of Prince Sverre, Princess Melissa and Princess Astrid. He was educated both in Osfjord University and in Norgsveltian Imperial Naval Academy in Wergby. After he became Crown Prince in 1992 he became more active in public duties, serving as sailor in the Imperial Realm Navy. He then married the love of his life, a kemonomimi commoner by the name Wilhelmina, in 1997 after several years of convincing his father. When his father abdicated in 2002, he was corronated as king of Norgsveldet and it’s Crown Realm in 21st of April, 2002. In 21st of May after a month of spirutal preperations he was declared Fylkir of the Ulvriktru faith by his father, the former Fylkir of the Ulvriktru faith. He is famous for his fatherly and jokingly nature, as well in activitiests like hiking, skiing, hunting and card games. Having once won a silver medal in skiing. He has spent alot of his time also going around the diffrent realms under the Norgsveltian crown, to ensure more unity of the crown and people.

While serving as a mostly constitutional monarch the king has been active on regional security issues in the north Concordian occean, having bettered Norgsveldet's relations with other regional powers in the area. Also taking up the leadership during the Puntalian Crisis.

As Fylkir he has been noted for his humility and down to earth approach of on religious matters, as well trying to strengthen the relation between the Fylkir and the public. Especialy going around the world to talk about the matters of the Ulvriktru faith where Ulvriktruars are a minority. Also putting importance of unity between all the diffrent branches of Ulvriktru.