Princess Estrid

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Born (2000-05-20) 20 May 2000 (age 23)
Estrid Melissadatur
FatherPrince Elazaro
MotherPrincess Melissa

Princess Estrid, of Norgsveldet (Estrid Melissadatur; born 20th May 2000) is a member of the Norgsveltian Royal Family and is 9th in line to the Norgsveltian throne. She is the second child of Princess Melissa of Norgsveldet and Prince Elazaro of South Peragen. Despite being a member of Norgsveltian Royalty she refused to take part of military duty or study of which is the usual tradition for members of Norgsveltian Royalty. Having rather chosen to study in Shiro Academy, into which she is currently studying Visual Arts and Fashion.

Often being praised for artistic talents by her family and media. Her often stating her art being inspired from anime. Often been active on Norgsveltian media finding usage in other art forms. Stating "I want Ulvrikian culture to expand and florish through art and other visual media such as animation. So that countries from across the world can see the beauty of our culture."

Though rarely ever making offical statements about politics she as well as her cousin Princess Ingrid has given several speeches about nekomimi rights in Norgsveldet, Eyjaria, Helslandr and Peragen. Stating that "Again and again, we see the disturbing side of far right and far left ideals destroying equality rights of minority species. Even when they state they do not. We must stand with our brothers and sisters with the kemonomimi people, we are all equal under the eyes of the gods." On which she has caused severe criticsm from Hirdist circles and other far right commentators.