Johanna Sverdrup

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Johanna Sverdrup
23rd Prime Minister of Norgsveldet
In office
24th November 2016 – 9th August 2022
MonarchOlav I
Preceded byBalder Hjel
Succeeded byWilhelm Kirkeland
Leader of the National Centre Party
In office
1st October 2016 – 7th August 2022
Preceded byBalder Hjel
Succeeded byJohn W. Vultz
Personal details
Johanna Sverdrup

(1985-10-07) 7 October 1985 (age 38)
Elveby, Norgsveldet
Political partyNCP

Johanna Sverdrup is an Norgsveltian pollitican (born 7th October 1985) was a former Prime Minister of Norgsveldet. Was the leader of the centre right party NCP, until she was replaced by her minister of Foreign Affairs, John W. Vultz. She was the youngest party leader and youngest prime minister after winning the majority in November 2016 election. Ideologicaly she has been called neo-conservative thanks to her foreign policy, but she herself identifies as Libetarian Conservative. In 2019 she chose her close friend Mæra Saradatur to be Norgsveldet's representetive in the North Concordian Council. In which Saradatur was soon after chosen by the Council to be the president of NCEF. She was was forced step down as party leader and prime minister after her neutral stance towards the Syrtænzna Dissolution War and her questioning of Olav I authority as a king led to the Norgsveltian constitutional crisis of 2022. Being the first prime minister to step down after a vote of no confidence since 1980. Johanna then retired from Norgsveltian politics, moving to Vakrestrender on the 1st of October 2022. In which she would soon fall upon another scandal after leaked pictures was released into social media of her being caught in intimate and sensual acts with Jørgen Bjørn, the Jarl of Vakrestrender.

Johanna grew up in the small city of Elveby, in the region of Stor Osfjord, in Norgsveldet. Spending her early years there studying and becoming a fencer, at the local high school, while helping her father with his small self started business. At the age of 19, she moved to Osjford attending the Ofjord Univeristy, on where she studied economics. Soon enough getting a master degree. During which she joined the NCP in 2007 at 22 years old. Quickly rising through their ranks and becoming the economic adviser for Prime Minister Balder Hjel in 2014, while also serving in the City Council of Elveby. With Prime Minister Balder Hjel having praised her as being the prominent figure to help increasing economic production of Norgsveldet arms industry. She became also very populare within political circles for her stances on the increasement of military budget and on harsher foreign policy. With Balder Hjel having stated that Johanna pressured him to grow the UCA and letting more members in. Often being stated as one of the main reasons why UCA expanded massively in 2010s.

In 2016 she was chosen as the leader of the NCP, after Prime Minister Balder Hjel stepped off his position. With the king calling an election a year earlier with the news. During which Johanna Sverdrup was criticised for her young age by opposition leaders and for harsh stance in matters of foreign policy. Though despite the criticism she was avaible to win the majority without the need form any coalitions with other parties. Which broke the trend of minority goverments previous NCP prime ministers had. Though after the electoral set back in the Norgsveltian Election in November of 2020, Johanna formed a coalition with LNP after talks between her and Carl Agnar in 30th November. This being first time in history these two parties forming a coalition together.

She have both been criticised and praised during her time as Prime Minister, with nicknames like Ironhanna and Warhanna being used by her supporters and opponents respectfully. During her time Norgsveldet got involved in series of military conflicts, and geopolitical stand offs around the world. Often been stated as breaking the "long peace" Norgsveldet has had previously. During which she had heated disputes with the Morstaybishlian Prime Minister, Franklin Barvata. During the Puntalian Situsation. Condeming Barvata for protecting its "puppet" of Rodenia. In which she was avaible to take advantage of the international backlash Franklin Barvata, such as convincing Tretrid join the NCEF after a phone call with Eoforwine Æthelstansunu.