Johanna Sverdrup

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Johanna Sverdrup
Prime Minister of Vakrestrender
Assumed office
30th January 2024
MonarchJørgen Bjørn
Preceded byIngeborg Hove
Leader of Family and Tradition
Assumed office
11th December 2023
Preceded byIngeborg Hove
23rd Prime Minister of Norgsveldet
In office
24th November 2016 – 9th August 2022
MonarchOlav I
Preceded byBalder Hjel
Succeeded byWilhelm Kirkeland
Leader of the National Centre Party
In office
1st October 2016 – 7th August 2022
Preceded byBalder Hjel
Succeeded byJohn W. Vultz
Personal details
Johanna Sverdrup

(1985-10-07) 7 October 1985 (age 38)
Elveby, Norgsveldet
Political partyNCP

Johanna Sverdrup is a Norgsveltian-Valkyr politician (born 7th October 1985) that was born and raised in Elveby, Norgsveldet before moving to Vakrestrender in October of 2022 after retiring from Norgsveltian politics. With her joining Valkyr politics in 2023 and becoming Vakrestrender’s prime minister in 2024. She is well known for her time as prime minister of Norgsveldet, in which she passed several liberal economic policies but more famously aggressive foreign policy. During which Norgsveldet been involved in multiple conflicts such as the UCA military intervention in Helslandr (2022), Balistrian Coalition War, Tieresh One Month War and Counter Terrorism operations in Tangrland. During her time she was well known for her aggressive geopolitical stand offs with South Hills, Great Morstaybishlia and Packilvania. She has also been said to be successful in expanding the NCEF with the inclusion of Vistaraland and Tretrid. She also been said to have had a very close relationship with Jeanne Pierre with both being seen as example of the Special Relationship.

Despite her successes she would find her Norgsveltian premiership be shorten after series controversies involving her taking bribes from the Blåskovian Crown in exchange for her neutral stance towards the Syrtænzna Dissolution War, and for her questioning Olav I’s authority as king leading to the Norgsveltian constitutional crisis of 2022. In which Sverdrup soon after moved to Vakrestrender to avoid corruption charges, which she would soon find herself in another controversy as pictures were revealed of her doing intimate acts with the Jarl of Vakrestrender, Jørgen Bjørn. With the two soon enough going public about them dating.

She then joined the Valkyr political party of Family and Tradition on the 10th March 2023, during which she would become close friends with the then Valkyr prime minister, Ingeborg Hove. With her being quick to work up the ranks of the party. Becoming well known for her Pro-Dependency and Pro-OTA advocacy. With her gaining a large degree of supporters in Vakrestrender, with her eventually replacing Hove as party leader. With Hove supporting her as replacement. With her becoming prime minister of Vakrestrender after a parliamentary election on 30th January 2024. With Hove retiring from politics.

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