Auroran Security Agency

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Auroran Security Agency
აურანის უსაფრთხოების სააგენტო (SAL )
Auroranische Sicherheitsagentur (ETH)
Auroriaanske Befeiligingsburo (BLU)
Umanga Ahuru o te Orora (OAN)
Founded atAura, Emberwood Coast
TypeUNAC Agency
Legal statusInternational organization
PurposeContinental security
HeadquartersSeat of the Auroran Security Agency
Commissioner for Security
Trent Gomez
Parent organization
United Nations of the Auroran Continent

The Auroran Security Agency (ASA) is an organ of the United Nations of the Auroran Continent (UNAC) responsible for continental intelligence and security. It was founded in June 2018 in Emberwood Coast. It is led by Trent Gomez, the Commissioner of the UNAC for Security, who in turn reports to the UNAC Commission and is accountable to the UNAC Council and Auroran Parliament.



It was originally proposed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of The Oan Isles, Arana Marama at the Auroran Reunification Summit at the Aura International Convention Center in Aura, Emberwood Coast. To reconcile the Ethalns and move away from the belligerence and animosity propounded by Locklyn Le Roy's divisive bid for UNAC Commission President, she proposed that a Durentrian, in this case Trent Gomez (who had also run for the President of the UNAC Commission) , becomes the Commissioner for Security. Although nations such as Dragonia, were originally approached as potential locations due to their neutrality in the Auroran-Pacific War, Oceansend was eventually chosen as the seat of the ASA.

Oan State Terror Accusations

Following a scathing article by the Oan National News Network (OAN NEWS) which accused the government of the Oan Isles of being behind the 2017 terror attacks on the Oan Intelligence Bureau and Cafe Net in Tokapa, Trent Gomez announced that the Oan Isles should be investigated for state terrorism. The Oan Isles vehemently denied the accusations and initially resisted the investigation. The Oan government eventually agreed to allow ASA to conduct an investigation. However, the investigation was never carried out. Commentators suggest that the incident was mere political spectacle.

Kostoria-Obertonia Intervention

Following a terrorist attack in Ribenstadt and an attempted terrorist attack in Fort Freya, Faethalria, the ASA conducted an investigation into the origin of the radioactive material used in the bombs via isotopic analysis. The ASA discovered that the bombs had been created from fissile material smuggled from the Nuremkastel nuclear power station which had undergone a meltdown in 2017. Furthermore, they found evidence corroborating that the Southern Auroran Front, a Kostoro-Obertonian (K-O) nationalist terror organization, had conducted the attack. With this knowledge, the UNAC supported a military intervention in K-O.


The ASA is led by the Commissioner for Security and Emergency Response who is simultaneously a member of the UNAC Commission, à position currently occupied by Durentrian politician Trent Gomez since he was elected in 2017 at the recommendation of Arana Marama as an olive branch of peace toward the Ethalns. He is responsible for major personnel appointments, policy direction and daily operations.

The agency consists of the following departments:

  • The Department of Sapient Intelligenceis responsible for managing sapient intelligence personnel (who would be known as spies in informal contexts). It manages their logistics, contact, security, transport and other demands. They are nicknamed "The Eyes"
  • TheDepartment of Cyber Intelligenceis responsible for intercepting and analyzing electronic communications and deploying attacks or interference as required. They are nicknamed "The Ears".
  • TheDepartment of Forensic Investigation is responsible for the collection, storage, processing and analysis of physical samples and reporting on their finding and advising the other parts of the agency. They are nicknamed "The Nose".
  • TheDepartment of Special Operations is responsible for a wide array of functions that includings conducting raids, transport and protecting sensitive cargo, providing protection to ASA assets and personnel. They are nicknamed, "The Muscle".
  • TheDepartment of Research and Development conducts scientific research and technological development. This can include researching and developing spyware, equipment and tools etc. They are nicknamed "The Brains".
  • TheDepartment of Crisis Management is responsible for coordinating and supporting emergency response. This is largely related to continental security issues. The are nicknamed "The Hands".


As enumerated in the Treaty establishing the UNAC, the ASA has the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Coordinate cooperation among intelligence and investigative agencies of member states.
  • Facilitate the expedient and accurate sharing of intelligence and information between member states.
  • Conduct investigations at the behest of the UNAC.
  • Advise the UNAC Commission on continental security policy.
  • Monitor security threats to the UNAC.
  • Execute warrants issued by the Auroran Court of Justice.
  • Assist and support member states facing security threats.
  • Implement the Common Security Agreement