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The Royal Tavari Armed Forces is the military force of Tavaris, consisting of the Royal Tavari Army, the Royal Tavari Navy, the Royal Tavari Air Force, and the Royal Tavari Marshals. Since the establishment of the Tavari Union, the Royal Tavari Armed Forces has been responsible for the defense of the entire Union, though some member states maintain their own independent militaries and the Tavari military only has a "secondary" responsibility to come to their aid. The Area of Primary Responsibility of the Royal Tavari Armed Forces consists of Tavaris, Elatana, Rodoka and the Isles, and the Union Territories of Metrati Anar and the Avtovati Isles.

Until 2016, Tavaris had a policy of mandatory conscription of all 18 year old citizens. After 2016, the Royal Tavari Armed Forces switched to a voluntary service model. During conscription, all citizens, male and female, were required to serve a total of 36 months in the Tavari military, except those in the Akronist clergy or employed by registered shrines of the Tavat Avati Shrine Association. After serving 18 months in fully-active service, citizens entered into what was called statutorily "active reserve status" for another 18 months. These people continued semi-regular training exercises and were eligible to be called upon in the event of a crisis. The last conscripted Tavari completed their service on December 31st, 2019.

In times of national invasion, all able-bodied citizens aged 30 and under can be called back into "active reserve status" and immediately begin training; reserves would be drawn from as needed to defend the country. Voluntary membership in the reserves is referred to as "non-active reserve status."

In 2023, Tavaris budgeted to spend the equivalent of SH$50,114,801,004 on the Royal Tavari Armed Forces, or approximately 3.87% of GDP. Of this, SH$6.8 billion was allocated to the Royal Tavari Marshals, leaving SH$43,314,801,004 (or 3.35% of GDP) for the remaining sectors. The Kingdom of Elatana remitted $1,738,503,730 under the terms of the Ranat Accords as reimbursement for costs, while the United Tribes of Rodoka and the Isles remitted $1,196,411,070. The People's Communion of Acronis, the Republic of Metradan, and the Republic of Racatrazi each remitted a flat rate of $100 million for costs related to their secondary defense, while Greater Ilarís remitted $50 million. While countries within the Area of Primary Responsibility are assessed based largely on a percentage of their GDP, those in the Area of Secondary Responsibility are to be assessed the same figure each year.

Tavaris counts 442,856 people in active duty status. This figure includes members of the Royal Tavari Marshals (including the national police, border guard, and coast guard) which are not always counted among global militaries as active duty. Excluding these individuals, in 2023 the total number of active duty personnel was 284,940. The total number of Tavari serving in the reserves was approximately 1,466,000 in 2023.

Royal Tavari Navy

The naval ensign of the Royal Tavari Navy.

88,331 service-members

Annual budget: SH$15.2 billion

Aircraft Carriers

  • Blade of Storm - STOVL ("ski jump") aircraft carrier/landing helicopter dock (LHD), Blade of Storm-class, commissioned 2016
  • Otan IV - STOVL ("ski jump") aircraft carrier/LHD, Blade of Storm-class, commissioned 2017


  • Sunrise Sea - diesel-electric submarine, Sunrise Sea-class, commissioned 1978
  • Bight of Tavaris - diesel-electric submarine, Sunrise Sea-class, commissioned 1980
  • Eastern Pacific - diesel-electric submarine, Sunrise Sea-class, commissioned 1981
  • Strait of Kings - diesel-electric submarine, Sunrise Sea-class, commissioned 1982
  • Crystal Bay - nuclear-powered submarine, Crystal Bay-class, commissioned 2019
  • Bay of Rodoka, Crystal Bay-class, commissioned 2021
  • 6 Havfrue-class nuclear-powered submarines, ordered 2022, delivery expected 2026[1]



Naval Aviation

  • ANS VZ-4 ground-attack aircraft, 16 in service, introduced 1983
  • Q-107B Grackle, stealth fighter, 16 in service, introduced 2017

Royal Tavari Air Force

The roundel of the Royal Tavari Air Force.

51,289 service-members

Annual budget: SH$14.2 billion

Royal Tavari Army

145,320 service-members

Annual budget: SH$13.9 billion


Royal Tavari Marshals

157,916 service-members across all three divisions. Note that the Tavari Bureau of Intelligence of Security, while organized as a bureau of the Marshals, are considered "civilian" and therefore not part of these counts.

Annual budget: SH$6.8 billion

National Police Division

134,035 service-members

Coast Guard Division

19,101 service-members

Border and Immigration Control Division

4,780 service-members

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