Five Reasons Maxists Earned Defeat

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The short essay Five Reasons Maxists Earned Defeat (Unonian: Eyus Lestre Nasloveru Des Renskasi Maxistyesu) was a piece written by Vekaiyun political scientist and later Speaker of Ileskari Vinsent Uyaskovi. The piece, which was carried in various publications in and around Vekaiyu (namely, V3 News Services) identified five key events that catalyzed the transition of Vekaiyu from a Maxism dictatorship to a limited representative democracy.

  1. Heavy casualties early on. This was showcased by the Great Tragedy of Iruk, in which over three million Vekaiyuns were killed after the bombing of a high-hazard polymeric factory released a highly toxic by-product into the atmosphere.
  2. Purges of pro-Maxist survivors. newly-appointed Premier of Vekaiyu Ikrisia Levinile carried out a Great Purge against assumed Maxist sympathisers, which significantly reduced leadership in the Maxist movement.
  3. Lack of leadership among Maxist supporters. With Selvala McEva extradited to Carbonis prior to the start of the war, Maxists lost their main leader before the war even began. Vinsent Uyaskovi identifies the last "true" Maxist leader as Enlil Volesieri, who committed suicide on November 9th, 2010. Volesieri was the Provincial Leader of the breakaway state Meyshevyu, which surrendered the next day.
  4. Control of Vekaiyun media. Shortly after being inserted into the role of Vekaiyun Premier, Levinile used her newfound powers to maintain control of the Vekaiyun media, which reminded the public of the unacceptable leadership of Maxists over the course of nearly twenty years in Vekaiyu. She later relinquished these powers shortly after war's end.
  5. Establishment of a new democratic government. After the war, Premier Levinile created a representative legislature with representation based on provincial population (Ropke) and equal representation among the Vekaiyun provinces (Ileskari). Court systems were put into place to reflect similar changes. The Premier position remains unchanged.

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