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Enlil Volesieri was a Provincial Overseer of Kunnat during the 2010 Vekaiyun Civil War. His province, Kunnat, was the newest Vekaiyun province, incorporated after nearly 400 years of separation, as a direct consequence of the Listonian Independence aftermath. He was selected as the first Provincial Overseer of the newly-reunited state by Selvala McEva due to his loyalty to Maxism and time-tested trustworthiness.

On September 27th, 2010, Volesieri declared that Kunnat would split from Vekaiyu, along with the provinces Lira and Adevi. Together the three provinces would form the breakaway state Meyshevyu. While the move was performed in protest of Vekaiyun Premier Ikrisia Levinile and her anti-Maxist stance, the move was not received well by Vekaiyuns in the state. In addition, no nation recognized the independence of the nation from Vekaiyu.

One month later on October 20th, Adevi fell. Three days later, Lira fell and was returned to Vekaiyu proper. In response to this, Volesieri accused Levinile and other Vekaiyun loyalists of genocide. The move proved to be widely unpopular by Vekaiyuns in both Vekaiyu and Meyshevyu. Shortly thereafter, the provincial capital and capital of Meyshevyu, Ni'vialu (Nilisa), broke out in riots. The riots quickly bloomed into all-out war in the province, and all order crumbled in the state. Volesieri committed suicide on November 10th at approximately 2330 VST. Meyshevyu surrendered the next day and Kunnat was returned to Vekaiyu.

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