Shattering Diplomacy

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Shattering Diplomacy is a long-running ongoing RP thread by Dylan which concerns events in Vothetria and Great Morstaybishlia from late 2019 onwards.

Key characters

Clauzia Sarohart - leader of the Vothetrian Workers' Party and prime minister of Vothetria.

Franklin Barvata - leader of MBE Labour and prime minister of Great Morstaybishlia.

Romilda von Anzitter - leader of the Nocturnian Independence Party (later Marislian Independence Party)

Immima Magolen - deputy chairperson of the VWP and close ally of Sarohart.


Post 1. Table of contents.

Chapter 1

2. (2019-10-10) - Mayor of Stalzag John Atomaba is assassinated by Friedrich Schneider, socialist and member of the Nocturnina Independence Party. He later goes to a party meeting hosted by party leader Alwin Jordanes.

3. (Nov. 2019) - A Mysterious Woman meets with a Cloaked Woman in a bar. They discuss: Jordanes wants an independent Nocturne aligned with the MBE, but MW wants the entirety of Marislia to be independent, and aligned with the North Ethalrian Confederacy (Vothetria + Kothalria). CW warns of Lenski Sarinn, communist and president of Thalria trying to exert influence on the process. MW says that Barvata will be busy handling "something" in South Staynes (Valeria), which would mean that Clauzia Sarohart would be able to move in. CW and MW agree a plan: the NEC will be allowed access to the Bishlian Sea, and MW will lead an independent Marislia.

4, The Body of the Phoenix (prelude) (Nov. 2019) - Preparations are made for a secret base in Dolmscher, MBE. Religious groups in Thalria are under threat from Sarinn. von Anzitter has a nightmare / flashback to the Auroran Imperial War.

5. (Nov. 2019) - A meeting at NIP HQ. Jordanes generally agrees with von Anzitter wrt. independence. Schneider is secretly working with Hanna Boeler, leader of the Vothetrian Socialists' Party.

Chapter 2

6. 2020-03-26 - Schneider meets with Boeler. Two of six independence cells want to work with them. They plan to import arms via a cartel run by Zecrod Furista.

7. 2020-06-10 - Schneider is trying to find Furista. Boeler is visited by Mia Penning, deputy leader of the VSP. Penning has secured a meeting with Furista in Giacomina, Free Pacific States - Boeler sends her to go.

8, 9, 10, 11, 12. 2020-06-27 - Penning goes to the meeting, but is "kidnapped" - taken to Furista's hideout in Asendavia. The weapon smuggling deal is agreed to. After taking the children of Johnald Rusticker, dock manager at Southport, Aurus, MBE, as hostage until the weapons are let through, they arrive at the hideout.

13. 2020-07-24 - July 2020 Caltharus attacks - Two tank assaults on police HQ in Khouser, Barbarus province, and Delgerdatter, both in East Caltharus. Caltharus is placed in lockdown.

14, 15. 2020-07-24 - King Lambertus VII makes a public address wrt. the attacks. Barvata puts into place Black Alert (the highest level of emergency response), a 9pm curfew, and military police in the streets. Boeler and Penning celebrate at home; they have framed someone else. Sarohart thinks Sarinn's behind it; she has infiltrated their ranks. She also makes a public address.

17. 2020-07-25 - Barvata's approval rating has fallen from 47% to 42%, with harsh falls in East Caltharus in opposition to the curfew and Black Alert. Protests in Nocturn turn violent (escalated by the protestors). Live ammunition and Molotov cocktails are used. Barvata blames Jordanes and vice versa.

18. 2020-07-28 - Police raid of suspected terrorist base - they are two days too late, and all the evidence has been destroyed.

19. 2020-08-21 - August 2020 Caltharus police attack - Police chiefs hold a secret meeting in Fort Nocturne. Chief Anthan Rogimlov is defecting, and tells the terrorists all the details. A drone carring plastic explosives is flown through some vents into the meeting room, all but one attendee is killed. In the next meeting of the UNAC, agreements are made to share intelligence and restrict freedom of movement.

Chapter 3

21. 2020-08-28 - Sarohart meets with von Anzitter at Phoenix House, and reveals that Schneider is working with Sarinn. They agreen on a plan: reveal this to the public, force Jordanes out by association, take control of the NIP and expand its scope to the whole of Marislia as MARIP.

22, 23, 24. 2020-09-05 - Schneider visits Sarinn's informant in Thalria, updates them on NIP. Sarohart calls Moris Loris, head of the Axdelian Secrets & Intelligence Agency. They make vague plans. Schneider finally meets with Sarinn's trusted council, including Boeler, Penning, Koeman Ifirate, Nickolay Ifirate and more. He is to poison Jordanes, frame von Anzitter and assume leadership of NIP. Schneider is told he will have help with a Thalrian sleeper agent in NIP.

25, 26, 27 - 2020-09-23 - A sleeper agent of Sarohart in Sarinn's inner circle is referenced, though their identity is not revealed. Things do not go well for Schneider. Jordanes is successfully poisoned and dies, but simultaneously, von Anzitter reveals Schneider's network to the press. He is arrested and sentenced to death.

28. 2020-10-05 - Barvata invites Sarohart to Sani Bursil to discuss the poisoning. She meets him a week later with evidence. She wants a coup in Thalria to remove Sarinn. Barvata wants more evidence before taking part, but otherwise agrees.

Chapter 4

30, 31. 2020-10-03 - Berinter Fokes and five other Labour MPs vote against Barvata's Anti-Terrorism Bill. At home, he is threatened by outside forces he has debts to to cause trouble in Aegis.

32. 2020-10-24 - Fokes chairs a private meeting with Anne Lauve, Nick Kondarry, Braun Taure, Amber Phalyf (all Aegis-based Labour MPs) with a view to Aegis independence.

33, 34, 35, 36. 2020-11-12 - Fokes motions for an independence referendum in parliament - Barvata laughs it off but is overruled by the supreme court. Fokes is told he'll need to do more.

37, 38, 39, 40. 2020-11-17 - Barvata meets Diego Corbinn, president of Axdel, and Morsil Loris. They agree with Barvata with regards to the invalidity of the treaty that Fokes is relying on. Barvata considers the matter closed. Fokes is threatened again, and told he has to stir the pot more. He has more meetings, this time with Labour MPs from all over South Staynes (Valeria).

41, 42. 2020-10-19 - Fokes makes a big speech to a large crowd and launches the Valerian Labour faction, with 59 MPs. Nellie Hermin, Secretary of State for South Staynes, resigns from cabinet, and is replaced by Arlin Klements.

43. 2020-12-03 - Independence protests are met by police, leading to the murder of civilian Fi Praxton. The government claims it was due to natural causes; nobody buys it.

44, 45. 2020-12-04 - Trouble in cabinet as ministers disapprove of Barvata's dismissiveness of Praxton's death, especially Klements, Chancellor Samminel Doros, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Jemima Rainhart. They demand he at least mention her in his speech, and threaten a leadership challenge. He does, and starts a public enquiry into Praxton's death. Conservative party leader Benjamin Wardola knows he has missed the opportunity to score points. Sarohart is pleased that her "distraction" in Valeria is going well.

Chapter 5

46, 47, 48. - 2020-12-15 - Sarohart meets with Vothetrian Unionist Party leader Ana Nreitz to discuss unification of Vothetria and Kothalria. Sarohart has drafted a new constitution - but hasn't involved the Unionists. This devolves into an argument with Louisamelie Marzer and the breakdown of the VWP-Unionist coalition. Carla Schmidt, leader of the Vothetrian Labour Party, calls Barvata to discuss the new constitution. A Labour-led Vothetria would be very friendly with the MBE. Barvata agrees to visit in person to discuss, during a future state visit. Sarohart has dinner with Finance Minister and close ally Immima Magolen. They agree an election is the only way forward.

49, 50. 2020-12-16 - The Vothetrian parliament votes (376-40) to hold an election. Marzer's seat is a VWP target. Schmidt tells Barvata about the election. They later meet in person, and she is unimpressed.

51, 52, 53, 54. 2020-12-20 - Clauzia Sarohart calls her brother Braun Sarohart in Tuvaltastan. Siblings fight. She attempts to call her other brother Kimber Sarohart but is sent to voicemail. This call distracts him while he is in a police car chase - the car crashes, and he is killed. The news gives Clauzia a panic attack; she is hospitalised. Later, she and Braun reunite at Kimber's wake.

55, 56. 2020-12-27 - Sarohart is back on the campaign trail - things are going well. Protestors throw rotten vegetables and insult her late brother's memory. They are arrested. Magolen offers to take on some of the VWP workload.

57, 58, 59. 2020-12-31 - Magolen's family has a very lively New Year's party. She wakes up at 11am and barely arrives on time for lunch with Sarohart, who then reveals it was her phone calls that "caused" the crash. They spend a passionate night together.

60. 2021-01-04 - Sarohart attends Kimber's funeral. Magolen gets some texts from her partner - she's cheating.

Chapter 6

61. 2021-01-11 - Sarohart is contacted by leader of Baykalia, Lady Posol.[n 1] Nina Noveskhazi is going to Aivintis. Unspecified plans are going to unfold and Barvata will be none the wiser.

62. 2021-01-14 - 2021 Vothetrian General Election - A majority for Sarohart and the Vothetrian Workers' Party.

63. 2021-01-15 - Sarohart gives Noveskhazi her assignment. Von Anzitter is "ready to go" with MARIP but Sarohart tells her to wait.

64, 65, 66, 67. 2021-02-01 - Noveskhazi is incognito in Aivintis as "Joan Schmitga" and meets a mysterious agent, codename Alpha. The mission is to increase militancy in Joralesia via terrorism.

68. 2021-02-06 - Sarohart and Magolen have a video call with Posol. The plan: Sarohart will vacation to Joralesia and be "caught up in" the attack, causing a further mess for Barvata.

69, 70. 2021-02-07 - Sarohart baits Barvata into suggesting Joralesia as a destination for her holiday. Magolen's cheating continues. In a meeting, Barvata is informed of cartel activity in Aivintis but the scope and purpose is not known.

71, 72. 2021-02-20 - Magolen finally meets again with her partner - it is Romilda von Anzitter! She admits her infidelity, which causes an argument. Von Anzitter wants Sarohart dead - the Joralesia plan would be a good opportunity.

72. 2021-03-01 - After Magolen declines the role, Sarohart nominates Deloria Lingurtz to be deputy prime minister while she is in Joralesia. On the plane, Sarohart comes out to her bodyguards as bisexual and rebukes the fascism of her predecessor, the last Matriarch of Ethalria, Amalda Harimann. Meanwhile in Karinthus, Lingurtz signs some autographs for the public - this turns out to be a mistake, as Magolen now has a genuine signature from her.

73. 2021-03-08 - 2021 Joralesian attacks - Nearly according to plan, Sarohart is caught up in a terrorist car bomb attack, and is severely injured. First news reports presume her dead. Klara, one of her bodyguards, is killed.

74, 75. 2021-03-09 - 2021 Joralesian riots - Barvata attends a TRIDENT meeting. Joralesia is placed under Black Alert. This and the attack prompts the start of rioting, which is responded to with police brutality. In a radio interview, activist Bryhan Mell criticises the MBE government for its response. In the Morstaybishlian parliament, Wardola criticises the new government amendment to the Anti-Terrorism Bill for being too sweeping and authoritarian. The amendment fails (687-1092). In response, Barvata tables a motion for an early election, which fails to meet the two-thirds threshold (1149-637). The cabinet meets to draft a new, milder amendment, however it still fails by two votes. A parliamentary loophole lets Barvata table an election bill that only requires a plurality. It passes (1139-64) and an election is called for April 1st.

75. 2021-03-09 - In Karinthus, Wiebke Sohr receives a worrying letter, supposedly from Lingurtz but in reality planted in her office by Magolen.

Chapter 7

76, 77. 2021-03-28 - Lingurtz has been successfully framed as behind the attacks and working with Sarinn. Magolen is consolidating power over the Vothetrian government through purges of those disloyal.

78. 2021-04-02 - 2021 Great Morstaybishlia General Election - Absentionist MARIP means a MBE Labour + Valerian Labour faction plurality can form government.

79, 80, 81, 82. 2021-04-02 - Magolen is now ghosting Sarohart, who now has to get all her information from Stabshef of the Blitzkraft Gloria Tassenburg, who finds incriminating evidence in Magolen's office. However, she is spotted by Sohr, who informs Magolen, who fires her. On her way out, she sees von Anzitter enter Phoenix House - something that Sarohart had expressly forbidden. Tassenburg attempts to call Sarohart to let her know, but her phone service has been withdrawn. She books a flight to tell her in person. Magolen's agents attempt to stop her but fail. Instead, Sarohart is taken back to Vothetria by Marlis Täschner and Tassenburg is assassinated after arriving in Joralesia and failing to find her.

Chapter 8

83, 84. 2021-04-03 - Von Anzitter requests an independence referendum, threatening to have MARIP take their seats and defeat Barvata's government if denied.

85. 2021-04-03 - Sarohart wants to delay Lingurtz's execution as she has not yet received a fair trial, and suspects she may have been framed. She sends an executive order to Magolen through administrator Jane, who passes it via von Anzitter who is posing as a personal advisor. Magolen ignores the order, and Lingurtz is executed ahead of schedule.

86. 2021-04-03 - Von Anzitter answers phone to Sarohart after so long, they argue. Von Anzitter and Magolen have organised the assassination of Sarohart at Phoenix House, framing Thalria, though this falls through. Von Anzitter leaves for Caltharus and calls Magolen a coward.

87. 2021-04-07 - Morstaybishlian State Opening of Parliament. Barvata gives Wehrasbi a task to hold an IRSA meeting.

88. 2021-04-24 - Von Anzitter is invited for dinner around MP Löwenthal's house, where she reveals sensitive information about her love life with Magolen. Sarohart receives a phone call from Nickolay, revealing him as the sleeper agent in Sarinn's inner circle referenced in #25. He warns of overhearing a call between Sarinn and a potential sleeper agent in MARIP. Reveals that he has been tasked to find something in Thalria over the past year.


  1. This call contains the first canonical mention of "Forensic Frankie".